Playlogic has Simon the Sorcerer

No. 4. Chaos Happens, you know.

Playlogic has snapped-up adventure game Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens, and will be publishing it all over the world in Q1 2008.

The idea is to point and click your way through Simon's latest quest, which revolves around a doppleganger of him causing all sorts of trouble, as well as a healthy wardrobe of brightly coloured dressing-gowns with stars and moons on them.

As a series, the games firmly plant tongue in cheek, and aim to bring about the same joy that old LucasArts adventures did back in the day - oh Monkey Island you long lost love, you.

This fourth instalment in the popular series is already out in Germany and has fallen under the scrutinising eye of, who felt it worthy of a meaningful 7/10.

Head over their review to find out more, presuming you can read German, of course.

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