Play Pac-Man in real life

Yvette Fielding supplying ghosts.

If you show up at the Plus International Design Festival in Birmingham this week, you will be able to take part in an enormous and life-sized game of Pac-Man.

The event runs between 17th and 21st October, and will let groups of five live out their old arcade fantasies in a specially created maze.

One human will take the role of Pac-Man and be guided around by Player One, who has an overview of the whole maze and radio communication to the yellow blob-man.

Meanwhile two other humans will take up arms as the Ghosts and be put to work by Player Two, who also has radio communication to them and an overview of the maze.

Unlike the arcade game, however, there will be no dots to gobble-up and and the Ghosts will not actually eat Pac-Man when they catch him. There will be Power Pills, though, that let you turn tables and eat the Ghosts, and a sound will play to alert everyone that you have picked one up.

All you have to do to join in is show up at the event and say hello yes I would like to take part. Games are said to last about 10 minutes, although there is no time limit so it could go on for ever.

Head over to the Plus International Design Festival website for more information on how to attend.

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