Plans for videogame theme park revealed

"Live out the character you create."

A new website has unveiled plans to launch "the world's first experiential videogame theme park and resort".

Titled Game Nation, the resort will allow visitors to "become players as their dreams and fantasies come to life in adventures yet to be told".

That's according to the official website, which also states: "You will become anything you like and live out the character you create. But this is no game. Itís real!"

Visitors to the theme park will get to experience "a realistic re-creation of a world filled with myths, legends and arenas all crying out for their champion," apparently.

"As you pass through the gates, you'll leave behind all worldly stereotypes. You're now one of millions, all equal, separated only by your skill, wit, and achievements, which will be proven."

By the sounds of things you'll need to earn experience points and rack up scores, as adjudicated by special park guardians. "As players walk by, recruits are saluted and veterans are bowed down to. You are guided to the armory where you must select your weapon. You choose from majestic relics, whimsical hardware or advanced gear."

The brains behind all this is a chap calling himself Ruke, who has been playing games since he was a kid. "Soon after finishing a game, I would wish that world was real, so I could be part of it," he said. "It's fantastic, that people will get to realise everything they have seen in a videogame, is coming to life at Game Nation."

The project organisers will be spending the next 12 months looking for a location for the theme park. We vote Lewisham.

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