PixelJunk Monsters for Jan in Europe

Sony hopes. On US store next week.

Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert has revealed that US PlayStation Network users will be able to buy PixelJunk Monsters "next week", which presumably means Thursday 24th January.

Sony UK wasn't able to nail down the exact date of the game's release on the European PSN when we spoke to someone there, but it's in QA and the expectation is we'll see it at the end of January. So, either next week or the 31st, most likely.

Cuthbert's US Sony blog post talks about the game scenario - protecting your island and villagers from an invading monster horde - and outlines the various level specifics, items and tower types for defence.

An accompanying video also reminds us that there is support for co-operative play and Remote Play using the PSP, for those of you who like to continue playing after you're sent to bed with no dinner.

Look out for our review of PixelJunk Monsters pretty soon. We may even get round to reviewing PixelJunk Racers one day, but who knows. Check out our PixelJunk Monsters gamepage for more in the meantime.

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