Ping Pals Reader Review

June 25th, 2007 � Rub, rub rubbish! To show the awesomeness of how rubbish this game is, I'm going to include a lot of comparables to PictoChat.

First off I want to start with the purpose of this game. This game is more of a communication software, with the emphasis on making an on-screen character representative of you. With that you will need to have a buddy who also has a Nintendo DS to play it properly, because now you can send each other instant messages, the messages themselves can be either pictures or words.

There are loads of mini-games available for you and your buddy to play. One where you must guess what number your friend is thinking of , also there�s word association where you must associate words to a central word - so for instance �Titanic�, you could associate ship, iceberg, sank. I think you get the gist of it. Winning mini-games allows you to earn money, with that money you can spend it to modify your on-screen character. The shop in this game allows you to buy clothes, accessories, hats, eye patches etc. Customizing the characters reminded us of The Sims, though it�s not as in-depth or nearly as fun.

As for sound and presentation, the sound is by no means stellar. This is not a downside � after all, the game is supposed to be a kiddie messaging program for their DS. With that said, it does have one or two catchy beats here and their but nothing to special.

Presentation wise the game is presented with lots of bright and vivid colours, which is diverse in the colour palette that�s been selected. The art work is great as well, the on-screen characters have charm and appeal that will instantly draw any child into it�s world.

Closing Comments This game is what you already have on the DS plus some more. PictoChat is a free communication software for your DS and it�s built in to every unit, however it lacks on screen characters and the cool shop. Is that enough reason to pay 30 of your money for Ping Pals? I had a hard time justifying it�s necessity as a purchase.

3 / 10

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