Phoenix Wright on WiiWare this week

Europeans can play on Friday.

Update: Capcom's just announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be released on European WiiWare this Friday.

Original Story:Cacpom's released the original Phoenix Wright on WiiWare over in the United States of America.

The chances this will appear on Friday in Europe, then, are strong.

For 1000 Wii Points you can relive the game that kick-started Capcom's court-room drama series on DS, waving your Wiimote to present evidence or wiggling it to challenge suspicious testimonies.

Only the first four of Wright's court cases are available, however, as the fifth will be added as bonus in May for 100 Wii Points.

Our DS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations review explains all.

Capcom also notes that a DS demo for new game Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth will be available to download soon. We embedded a Flash demo of Miles Edgeworth on Eurogamer in December last year.

The full game's due for release here on 19th February.

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