Party Animals dated

Viva Piņata off-cut in Nov.

Viva Piņata: Party Animals will be trampling all over my memories from 16th November onwards, Microsoft said this week, as the game launched in the US to dire reviews. (Poor choice of w... actually, I'll leave it.)

As you probably don't care, Party Animals is a Krome Studios-authored mini-game compilation, which draws on the Viva Piņata TV show and original game for inspiration.

Up to four players are invited to crowd around the telly or the Internet to take part in a series of foot races, interspersed with Wac-A-Mole, Hot Potato and other fairly generic fare built around bashing, chasing, whacking or button-matching, while characters from the TV show say funny things over the top.

You can expect to see our review of Party Animals in the very near future. In the meantime, why not pop back to our original Viva Piņata review to remind yourself what they're betraying?

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