Pandemic's Saboteur unveiled

Stealthy WWII resistance fun.

Pandemic is working on a stealth action game (wait wait, stay here) set during World War II (seriously - don't wander off), which sees you working as a saboteur in the French resistance. (See?)

Unveiled in the April issue of Game Informer over the pond, Saboteur is reportedly still looking for platforms and a publisher, but is pencilled in for 2008.

FiringSquad has seen the issue and reports that it mixes "open world gameplay, platform action and stealth".

Interestingly, it's also said that until you've liberated an area from Nazi control, it's rendered in black and white, but once you've completed a few sabotage missions the city brightens up and the locals put up more of a fight.

Intriguing? Well, that's up to you, but we like the sound of it. Look out for more soon.

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