Opoona given US date

Boiled egg RPG in March.

Koei has said Wii role-playing game Opoona will be out in the US on 25th March. Unfortunately, Koei's European arm was unavailable to comment.

Opoona was revealed early last year and details the cel-shaded adventures of Opoona - or boiled egg boy - and his siblings. Opoona gets split up from his family at the beginning, and has to find them again.

But he can't do that until you've got him a licence to travel, which you get from having a job. These are restricted to idol, rescuer and detective early on, but open up as you are more successful.

Combat, because baddies never sleep, involves you flinging the ball floating above your head into enemies. The skill is in hitting multiple enemies, apparently.

Developer ArtePiazza - the team behind the artwork on the Dragon Quest games - is cobbling it together, using a blend of fantastical and modern design.

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