NXE Avatars to get more free clothes

MS to do regular wardrobe updates.

Microsoft has said new clothes will regularly be added for Xbox 360 Avatars, and most importantly they will be free.

That's according to MS Germany's Boris Schneider-Johne, who told this will certainly be the case for the first few weeks.

Kotaku's also found a way to unlock some quite wacky haircuts for Avatars.

Simply go to the Hairstyles menu in the My Features bit of the Dashboard and don't do anything. Then, after the item in the Hairstyles menu rotates, the green, orange, blue and purple cuts will be unlocked. Trendy.

The Avatars launched last Wednesday as the brightest feature of the New Xbox Experience, although the option to install games to the hard drive, and an internet-based Xbox Live Marketplace navigable from a work PC, also get us quite excited.

To find out what kind of difference installing a game to hard drive makes, and which titles improve the most, head over to our New Xbox Experience: DVD vs. Hard Disk Face-Off.

Otherwise, pop into our New Xbox Experience page to keep up with all the news so far.

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