Nokia sends N-Gage to glue factory

It's all Ovi, says mobile company.

Nokia is dumping the N-Gage platform in favour of selling mobile games through the new Ovi Store.

As reported on the company's blog, N-Gage games will be available until October 2010. From then on you'll still be able to play any games you've downloaded, but no new ones will be released and community features will cease to function.

Nokia phones with the N-Gage application pre-installed will still be available to buy "for some time". However, Nokia will no longer ship new devices with the app.

Instead users will be able to get mobile games from the Ovi Store, which bears no similarities to the App Store or anything. The Ovi Store will be pre-installed on most new Nokia phones by the end of the year.

There are already more than a thousand Ovi games available including Pac-Man, The Sims 3 and Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile.

Bye-bye, N-Gage.

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