No Sony conference next week

Rumours are incorrect.

Sony Europe has categorically denied to Eurogamer that it has a press conference scheduled for next week.

Rumours erupted yesterday that the platform holder had a "Big Bang" meeting planned for next Friday, which speculation suggested could be about a new 40GB PS3 model.

However, a spokesperson for Sony told us it has not announced anything and has nothing of the sort planned.

But it follows an increasing volume of Internet whispers about the new PS3 model: last week Sky started rumours by suggesting a "Core" 40GB PS3 was on its way, backed up by Sony filing a new model with the FCC later in the week.

This mysterious SKU, known only as "CECHG01", has also appeared on a list of Blu-ray players alongside recognised 60GB (CECHA01) and 80GB (CECH01) units.

Our news-ears remain open.

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