No sequels from Schafer

He likes doing new things.

Tim Schafer knows you all want sequels to his games, but has told naughty lads publication Playboy that you aren't getting any.

It isn't that he doesn't want to revisit all the charismatic creatures he creates, just that he and his team like to focus on new ideas - and know you lot will probably fall in love with those, too. And then ask for sequels.

"We like to make things hard on ourselves. We like to try new things. I think it's important that every time you do a game, you do something that's the exact opposite of the last one you did... Part of the fun of it is doing a complete 180 every time," Schafer told Playboy under lovely-lady duress.

"The publishers and the fans all want you to make something like what you made the last time. And then you give them something different and they like that, and then they want you to do that again.

"So you have to just do what you are inspired to do no matter what anyone wants you to do. If you don't you'll run out of creative steam," he added.

Still, as soon as humans can be cloned and five Tim Schafers can be created, then apparently we may see some sequels.

Until then you can read the lengthy and really quite insightful interview on, or get excited about Schafer's new game over in our Brtal Legend gamepage.

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