No separate Rock Band peripherals until 2008

Should only affect the US.

EA UK has distanced itself from comments suggesting that Rock Band peripherals will not be sold separately until early 2008.

The words came from the belly of a Harmonix spokesperson at a recent PlayStation event in Toronto, where blog thebbps heard that the only way to buy Rock Band this year will be by splashing out on the USD 169 bundle featuring all four peripherals.

Keen-eyed readers among you may chortle, because this should have no effect on Europe - what with the game not being due to launch here until the first quarter of 2008 anyway. However, EA was reluctant to confirm as much, so we wouldn't want to concrete your thoughts.

US retailer Gamestop also currently has the separate instruments listed with an early April 2008 date.

The Harmonix spokesperson also shed some light on downloadable content, stating that we would be able to buy the songs either separately or as entire albums, with the first to become available as soon as one week after launch.

Rock Band is due out on 20th November in the US.

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