No new Psychonauts on way

Schafer speaks up.

Tim Schafer has come out and said there is actually no new Psychonauts game being worked on at the moment.

He was answering rumours that erupted yesterday after the Double Fine website listed a mysterious "Coming Soon" project that appeared to be a Psychonauts game.

"Haha. Nooooo," chortled Schafer to Kotaku. "There's no new Psychonauts game in the works right now, but I'm glad some people got excited by the idea. I know I got excited."

Peculiar phrasing, then, my speculating friends. "No new Psychonauts game"; perhaps he is ruling out a sequel but not a port. Or maybe he is just delaying an announcement. It could also be that the Psychonauts-themed listing is a default picture used for any upcoming revelation, too.

Or it could just be that there is no new Psychonauts game coming out. Sniff.

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