No gun metal grey PS3 for UK

Konami confirms MGS4 plans.

Konami has confirmed there are no plans to make its Metal Gear Solid 4 hardware bundle available in the UK.

That's a shame, because Konami's bundle comes with a limited edition gun metal grey PS3. It can be pre-ordered via the publisher's website - if you're fast, as a limited number are on offer each day, and if you're American, as the bundle is "only available for pre-order to US residents".

So is there any chance the UK will get a similar deal? "Nope, sadly not," said a Konami spokesperson. "The only bundle we are doing is the special edition with figurine."

The special edition, you may recall, includes a soundtrack CD, a "Making Of" Blu-ray disc and the six-inch tall figurine. It costs GBP 79.99 and is available to pre-order exclusively at

If you really must have a hardware bundle, Sony will be offering a PS3, Sixaxis and copy of the game for EUR 439. However, a Sony spokesperson told us, "I believe we will only be getting the standard black PS3 with the MGS4 bundle."

Metal Gear Solid 4 is out on 12th June. All manner of videos, screens and words about it can be found over on the gamepage.

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