No cross-platform UT3 at launch

But maybe in future, says Rein.

Epic Games chief Mark Rein has said Unreal Tournament 3 will not feature cross-platform play between PC and PS3 at launch.

The news came from an IRC chat with site Beyond Unreal [is it 1996? - Ed].

"There will not be cross-platform play at launch," said Rein, before going to get a can of soda. "This doesn't completely rule out adding this feature at some point in the future."

The reason, according to "MarkRein[Epic]", was that it takes much longer to get a console build up and running because of lengthy certification processes - a problem also experienced by patches.

Synchronising the two, then, would mean constantly holding back PC users so the PS3 could catch up. This wasn't an option Mark Rein and his can of soda liked.

"Our PC fan base is of ultimate importance to us. They are our bread and butter. We can't let them down or compromise their experience in any way to accommodate cross-platform play," insisted Rein.

There you go; the PC is used for something other than spreadsheets. For more detail and any other questions you could possibly have thought of, head over to the Beyond Unreal IRC chat.

Unreal Tournament 3 will be released on PC and PS3 in November, followed by a 360 version at a later date.

Head over to our Unreal Tournament 3 gamepage for all out coverage to date.

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