No co-op in new Prince of Persia

Despite debut of lovely sidekick.

Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes has confirmed to Eurogamer the game won't feature a co-op mode - despite the fact he'll have a sidekick.

As announced yesterday, new character Elika will help the Prince perform acrobatic stunts, fight enemies and explore environments. Useful in single player, but will you be able to bring in a friend to take on Elika's role?

"No, is the short answer," Mattes told Eurogamer. "The longer answer is it's impossible to capture the flow of the two characters' interaction between human players."

Elika's AI is extremely complex, apparently, and an important foundation of the game. "You could not choreograph that type of movement if two people playing the game were fighting over what to do," observed Mattes. "So no."

Prince of Persia, as it's simply titled, is out on 360, PS3, PC and DS in time for Christmas. Expect a full interview with Mattes soon.

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