Nintendo unveils Wii Party

Play with your friends and as your Mii.

Nintendo has unveiled a new multiplayer game titled Wii Party.

In an investor's presentation, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said, "We are developing this game with the aim to make it a marquee party game for Wii.

"The developers are spending significant time for this title so that they can include elements that are must-haves in a party game as well as making sure that [an] adequate volume of gameplay [is] available. We are developing it with the intent that every Wii player will be able to find a game that can be enjoyed."

Iwata went on to confirm that players will play as their Miis, using the Wii remote. He also said there will be a gameplay mode titled "Living Party".

"Nintendo has not launched a marquee party game since Mario Party 8, launched in summer 2007," Iwata pointed out. "However, since Wii is usually being played by several people at once and the global sales of Mario Party have reached 7.6 million units, a party title has great potential."

According to a translation of text on the Wii Party screenshots by Kotaku suggests the game will be playable by up to four players. Mini-games mentioned include roulette and bingo, and you will be able to compare your high scores with other players.

There's no word yet on when the game is out, or whether it will make it over to Europe.

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