Satoru Iwata earns 500k a year

Up to 1.4m with bonuses.

Nintendo big cheese Satoru Iwata earns just over 500,000 a year, a new report has revealed.

While that sounds like a hell of a lot to us, compared to the salaries of other top Japanese game executives, it's a pittance.

Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer earns a whopping 410m (3m) salary, for example.

Don't feel too bad for Iwata, though. The Nintendo president, CEO and chief architect of the world famous money hat can net just under 1.4m with performance-related bonuses, reports Asahi (translated by andriasang).

A group of six Nintendo board members - including superstar developer Shigeru Miyamoto - are reported to earn 100m (just under 750,000) in total.

Apparently Miyamoto has refused the big bucks Nintendo can no doubt afford to pay him. What a trooper.

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