Nintendo E3 Conference Finished

Nintendo has just finished giving its E3 2008 press conference, where it showed Animal Crossing Wii, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown on DS, Wii Sports sequel Wii Sports Resort, Wii Music and its fancy pants MotionPlus Wiimote accessory.

Our live coverage of the keynote follows, with the oldest entry first.

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  • sneetch 9 years ago


    It was sad to see there was no big announcement. Sadder when I saw an interview with Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway who, when asked what she would say to core gamers who were looking for 1st party titles, said keep playing Mario Kart and Smash Brothers and check out Wii music and Animal Crossing. And check the 3rd parties. That spoke volumes to me; Nintendo have nothing else now. I don't see any surprise games coming up anytime soon.
  • bitesize 9 years ago


    you heard it here first.

    did i miss something then? where was the big announcement?
  • sneetch 9 years ago

    Freudian slip Kami. :)

    I thought it was amazing how they rabbit on and on about not being complacent and having to "create new advantages" and innovate and then show us... sequels. Another Animal Crossing (which, qu'elle surprise, looked almost identical to the cube version, yet another Wii "update"), more Wii Sports, 1080 snowboarding with some hippy tacked onto it (damn long-hair! Get a job ya bum! ;) ). Very underwhelming.

    Mind you I'd have been happy if the "right" sequels were shown.


    I don't think they forgot. I genuinely don't think they have any (1st/2nd party) games (apart from Warioland and Animal Crossing, neither of which I could be arsed with).

    Nintendo have always had an element of the Jedi about their conferences but here they told us we already had our games; they said at the start of the conference that in order to appease the core audience they "leveraged their franchises" early (or some such bollox) meaning "we've already given you your games and we expect those games to be "evergreen". We have nothing else for another couple of years, but hey, Ubisoft will sort you out".

    For example, I wouldn't be that surprised if the next Zelda/Mario games were launch titles on the Wii II or whatever (with 40% more waggle!) Simulreleased on Wii so the Wii II owners can feel ripped off that they got a Wii title at launch.
  • jonsaan 9 years ago

  • CallousB 9 years ago

    The worst thing about this conference was they had stuff to show...but didn't show it.

    Fatal Frame, Warioland, Mario Sluggers and Disaster Day of Crisis are all but finished...but nothing shown.Captain Rainbow, Little Kings Story,Mad World, Deadly Creatures and Dead Rising Wii could have been shown off. Hell ...they didn't even wheel out Mario Party.
  • afghan_jones 9 years ago

    Thats all sounds properly shit.

    the wiimotionplus thing sounds ok but should have been part of it from the start. And it all depends what they actually do with it.

    but yeah, load of shite. They forgot to show any games.
  • Dan234 9 years ago

    Sid Nice: Wave Race Wii.

    I think that's part of Wii Sports Resort if you look at the screenshot.
  • Shrub 9 years ago

    Such a horrible conference - are Nintendo becoming complacent?

    Wii Music was embarrassingly bad - it reminds me of those dinky Casio keyboards with play-along features, only 10x worse.

    The weird thing is that there are still some good titles coming to the DS this year (from 3rd parties) but I see that Nintendo would rather not show any of them. Oh well I'm glad I didn't buy a Wii yet
  • Darren 9 years ago

    Eurgh... what a disappointing conference. There was virtually nothing of interest for me there at all apart from maybe Animal Crossing but I'm not even sure about that. Where are all the 'good' games, you know, the proper single player ones? And why was there no announcement about how Nintendo plan to solve the Wii's lack of storage space? All very meh IMO. :(
  • Kami 9 years ago

    Yeah, was meant to be dross (i.e. of inferior quality). Though they were also droll, it's funny how bloody dull it's been and the excitement has been away from the big players, so both words work in different ways.

    Must have had something on my mind when typing that...
  • Muddtallica 9 years ago

    Kami: "Was very disappointing, but then, they've all been pretty droll this year..."

    From "droll - amusing in an odd way; whimsically humorous; waggish."

    Are you sure you've chosen the right word there? :p
  • Kami 9 years ago

    Was very disappointing, but then, they've all been pretty droll this year...

    As for maturity, that involves being open to all things. If your idea of maturity is running around as a big beefy bloke compensating the size of his member with guns the size of busses and mowing down legions of enemies that have the IQ of a dead hamster, then I'm sure the 360 is your machine...

    The "immature" argument goes both ways, never forget that.
  • BartonFink 9 years ago

    Good lord ... that was it?

    That's more meh than the combined meh of both Sony and MS.
  • Sid-Nice 9 years ago

    To be announced later at the convention....

    New Zelda game (Wind Waker style graphics)

    Wireless Nunchuk (Which will be bundled with Wii Skipping)

    A new Mario platform adventure "Super Mario Lost Worlds" a compilation of lost worlds from Super Mario Bros, Mario 64, Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy.

    Wave Race Wii.
  • Stuz359 9 years ago

    Wheres Zelda. I want new Zelda. That would make me happy.
  • smelly 9 years ago


    you heard it here first.
  • Dan234 9 years ago

    Well they'll probably announce the storage solution next year then.
  • stevetuck 9 years ago

    And just when i lost faith
  • minky-kong 9 years ago

    As someone who bought a Wii three weeks ago for Smash Bros I'm glad I've got a backlog of games to go through because there's feck all worth looking forward to!

    They better be hiding something bloody spectacular because this has been a real two fingers up to the people like me who have been Nintendo fans since the NES days.
  • yagisencho 9 years ago

    RE: Animal Crossing - where can I place my pre-order?
  • miiiguel 9 years ago

    MS attitude might have been cocky, but MS-haters take the trophy. "oooh you only like guns!"; "OMG we don't like violence!"; "you like games? yeah..., me too! what? you use a 360? Get away from me, I'm brainy, and shit!"

    Then agvain, I promissed my gf I'd give her a Wii, but I have to not come to EG foruns for a month or too, otherwise I just can't buy it. And the sad thing is it's not Nintendo's fault.
  • Katsumoto 9 years ago

    At least Nintendo didn't just lay into Sony and Microsoft the whole time. Half the Microsoft headlines on here were like "We're going to win!" "Sony sucks!" "don't buy something unless it's from microsoft!!!!11". Really pathetic my-cock's-bigger-than-yours shit. For that reason alone, I much preferred this one.
  • miiiguel 9 years ago

    "I was beginning to think that.. TBH i feel that every time i read comments threads full of fanboys who seem to care more about the hardware than the software.. "
    ahaha! says the guy who rated Halo 3 and never touched an evil MS console! and the cockyness of thinking ppl that has 360 are lesser persons is really silly, and dated.
    you don't like games, your vision is blurred with politics. It has nothing to do with games anymore, it's about monopolies that you read on the internet about, and huges sums of money that you think no company should have, Iraq's invasion and shit like that.
    Then again, this is supposed to be an entertainment buisness, so I tip you: let it go.
  • septimus 9 years ago

    "... THEN i saw the ghostbusters game trailer.. and i'm happy again... "

    I so hope it's good. Rather not have my child hood shat on anymore :) (TV remakes, bad games, movie remakes bleh).
  • Muddtallica 9 years ago

    +1 for cheekyjay. In fact, make that +2, because you made two very good posts which really summarised my frustrations with this conference. I said in my previous post that I was questioning whether or not Nintendo even had any more cards to play, but in truth I don't really believe that, because I KNOW there's a whole host of other games and concepts in the pipeline that DO interest me, but that got underrepresented here in this show, or else bumped in favour of vastly less interesting stuff. Why does some crummy Clone Wars tie in take precedence over Wario Land, Disaster: Day of Crisis, The Conduit? Why mention Pokemon Ranger instead of Pokemon Platinum (or indeed Dragon Quest IX, Fire Emblem DS, Chrono Trigger DS or Viva Pinata DS)? I'm tantalised by the likes of MotionPlus and WiiSpeak, GTA DS, the Zelda and Mario team's new projects - why not give me more on that, instead of giving over interview time to the team behind the critically-underperforming Guitar Hero: On Tour?

    Nintendo may be the market leaders again, but for me, they're still pretty damn bad at selling themselves. I don't doubt that there's a lot of interesting stuff to come from Wii and DS in 2008/2009, but you wouldn't know it from this display...
  • PsychoPriest 9 years ago
    My summary of events for anyone wanting it
  • thenastypasty 9 years ago

    E3 has been piss poor so far nothing new from MS or nintendo, sony must be pissing themselves but i dont hold much hope for them either.
  • WillyWanka 9 years ago

    can't believe it's over a yaer since Wii Fit was announced!
  • smelly 9 years ago

    >Gaming is going to hell..

    I was beginning to think that.. TBH i feel that every time i read comments threads full of fanboys who seem to care more about the hardware than the software..

    ... THEN i saw the ghostbusters game trailer.. and i'm happy again...
  • gerg 9 years ago

    Gah! What a disappointment! I just hope that this is only Nintendo trying to receive mainstream attention from the media, and that all the casual titles will be counterbalanced by hardcore game announcements later in the week. So disappointed... :(
  • smelly 9 years ago

    "MS pissed all over them, and if people think otherwise then they must be a totally difference class of gamer. "

    Yeah.. As in we have class and you dont :-)
  • Collymilad 9 years ago

    Nintendo you are dead to me.

    MS pissed all over them, and if people think otherwise then they must be a totally difference class of gamer.
  • bad09 9 years ago

    "Better than MS (which could have been mistaken for a Nintendo keynote), "

    LOL...wait, I shouldn't be laughing :(
  • septimus 9 years ago

    Better than MS (which could have been mistaken for a Nintendo keynote), but still the usual happy clappy shit that Nintendo usually try and push. Even my wife has stopped playing Wii and Wii Fit as there is nothing worth turning it on for, and with this nothing has changed for the next year.

    Gaming is going to hell... I don't give a shit if my Gran's step sisters aunt now plays games, I really don't.... and Ninty is leading the charge with MS attached to it's ass and Sony is sitting in the corner dribbling over what could be decent games.
  • smelly 9 years ago

    Im drawn to be honest.. i thought both were shite and boring.

    I have a lot of interest now in the new controller modificaiton..

    But apart from that.. both conferences were "meh".. and the "megaton" everyone keeps going on about was about as unexpected as the priest admitting he molests school boys
  • niteninja 9 years ago

    Microsoft are confused like trying to push a square peg through a round hole,the 360 was never built for half of the casual games that they showed yesterday.
    Nintendo understands its market and knows how to draw casual gamers in.
  • WillTheSecond 9 years ago

    No Icarus (which is what I was really waiting for) but as a fencer the new Wii Sports with that new sword fighting game looks very fun. The Wii Speak announcement is good because that means we'll have VOIP in The Conduit online (don't give a damn about Animal Crossing).

    Really was looking for something more, though. No rubbish like some people are saying, but I think its fair to say that was a disappointing conference.
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    A lot of people can't afford all the consoles, so they have to pick one. For people who can afford to / choose to buy all 3 it's not such an issue. I'm sure there are some people who're just rampant fanboys for no real reason though.
  • miiiguel 9 years ago

    It must be awful to restrain oneself to use something due to politics (or something, I couldn't completly understand yet).
  • makeamazing 9 years ago

    Well I certainly think the Nintendo one sounded pretty cool, I think it was better all round than MS's yesterday.

    Yes I know, I cant wait for Fallout as well, but really leave Nin to the casual stuff, they do it better and have released a console that is perfect for it... lets hope the Sony one has some interesting things and doesnt go down the Casual route.. otherwise I wont be a happy bunny. We dont need three consoles all chasing... the cute casual market.... well we shall see, im not convinced Sony wont be swayed (like MS) from the profits from Nin to do that.
  • DjFlex52 9 years ago

    "New things" and a response with not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 sequels listed and nothing it.


    Isn't Animal Crossing a sequel?
    "New things"?Well, I could have also mentioned XBL's new dashboard, Lips, XBL primetime game shows, Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery, putting full games on your hard drive and Netflix but I didnt want to rub it in.
    I didn't see Nintendo come close to matching that.
  • miiiguel 9 years ago

    I loved MS's one (amazing!), and I like Ninty's one a lot too.

    Very good show so far!

    then again..., I still like games, for the sake of it.
  • sneetch 9 years ago

    "actually thinking about it.

    That's FOUR (i think) game announcements which we didnt know about until today...

    That's 2 more than microsoft.. (and even then we knew about it - we just didnt know it was coming to 360)

    AND a new peripheral..

    So i say nintendo's was probably better than msofts.. "

    If by better you mean "more things" then yes, it was better. If better means more exciting or more interesting things then I think it went to MS. Of course, these things are down to taste and Nintendos new content really isn't to my taste.
  • Dizzy 9 years ago

    A big yawn fest sadly. Well I guess Nintendo doesn't have to prove anything at the moment. They just sell anything :)

    Lets hope that new motion controller gets packed in *cough*Sony*cough*
  • smelly 9 years ago

    >Yeah, but see there's 40 PS3 / 360 / PC games i'm interested in

    Yeah, but see.. all those 40 games will be available on all 3 of those platforms.. Subsequently there's only really need to own one of them..

    Even if there's only 1 or 2 wii games which interest you - you wont be able to play them outside of the wii...

    I was gonna list a load of games which SHOULD interest you.. but then i realised that there's nothing NEW coming out which interests me either.. :-(
  • niteninja 9 years ago

    I think wii music could kill the rock band,guitar hero scene.
    It shows you dont need to get raped with over expensive plastic gear and get screwed paying for licenced music when all you need is a wii remote.
    The people who pay for rock band and that shite are gullible suckers anyway with no musical talent what so ever.
    I recored music in studios for people and they just laugh at the rock band wannabes.
  • cheekyjay 9 years ago

    Anyone have any idea what ever happened to Disaster:Day of Crisis? Or on the third party front: Mad World? Sadness? The Conduit? Samba De Amigo? Facebreaker? Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles? Sword of Legendia? Ghostbusters? Fragile? Red Steel 2? I know they're all games we know about, but at least showing some of those would have helped create the appearance that Nintendo takes the core gamer seriously.
  • secombe 9 years ago

    core/veteran gamers

    Surely core/veteran gamers by definition would have grown up with simple sports titles (Pong), fun puzzle games with cute characters (Pac-Man) and all manner of games that Nintendo seem to be returning to the spirit of in many ways.

    Since when has an FPS or anything along those lines been something the 'veterans' were in to? I'm pretty sure my Atari 2600 wasn't knocking out much in the way of anything you would recognise on the 360/PS3 these days.
  • Machetazo 9 years ago

    I didn't like the start of that, at all; Cammie's annoying, and the snowboard game being exclusive to Wii disappointed, but I liked Wii Music. Just play whatever! Pick an instrument to mimic and mess about. :D That part of the conference had me laughing along with the onstage antics - Miyamoto was brilliant! I hope that the Wii balance board isn't necessary to be able to use the drums, however. Animal Crossing looks interesting - I may actually have to update the firmware! Satoru Iwata continues to talk good sense, and I like the way that the Head of Nintendo leaves the figures breakdown to folk like Reggie, while he sticks to ambition and is (yes, I know) enthused.

    As much as Cammie was wooden, and started to grate, she was, enthusiastic. I can't knock that aspect. I wasn't convinced by Wii Sports Resort. It looked fun enough, but I'm not sure it's one that I would reach for regularly enough to make it worth buying. I think the option to get the Motionplus seperately, is one that I would take advantage of. Some say that Nintendo has a lot of official peripherals; but where they have, these are usually re-used. This isn't always the case elsewhere.

    It was clear that they were trying to show the Wii as a comprehensive platform. I wouldn't choose to play traditional/multiplat games on a Wii, but the grass appears to grow anew for Nintendo's home turf software.
  • smelly 9 years ago

    "Nintendo is planning to make some big reveals outside of the press conference - I certainly hope so."

    That's usually the case..

    Nintendo seems to like to release most of its big games around christmas.. so i guess they're keeping quiet until around then.

    Eitehr that or they've "done a cube" and have nothing to show this year and all their best stuff (like the new controller) is due next year.. But surely they cant be THAT stupid twice in a row?

    (the blinkered fanboy in me is hoping not)
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    Yeah, but see there's 40 PS3 / 360 / PC games i'm interested in (that'll be released in the next few years). There's 2 Wii games. That's kinda poor. I should probably go eBay my Wii 'cos it seems to be a waste of money.
  • scouserfuller9 9 years ago

    So really all we have to look forward to this year is Anmal Crossing for the Wii and as for the DS....? I was expecting us to hear on a Starfox or Pikmin game at least! The past 2 years E3's just been all about profits in my opinion.
  • miiiguel 9 years ago

    smelly, you don't like MS because it's MS... . Don't need to pertend something else, it's cool.
  • justMe 9 years ago

    Loved it, wii sports 2 looks absolutely brilliant, wii music sounds very promising.

    You people got to stop expecting more of the same from Nintendo. Different is good! Not another rhythm game where "notes" scroll to the sound of hard rock music but something different, with the trademark Nintendo magic.

    People demoing the main games were having fun, instead of running around with guns killing others... that says it all.
  • smelly 9 years ago

    actually thinking about it.

    That's FOUR (i think) game announcements which we didnt know about until today...

    That's 2 (i think) more than microsoft.. (and even then we knew about ff7- we just didnt know it was coming to 360)

    AND a new peripheral..

    So i say nintendo's was probably better than msofts..
  • miiiguel 9 years ago

    did you miss the Codemaster's movie games, thje My Xbox, Lips... on purpose or we just dig to be cinical...

    Who cares about games, right? this is something completly diferent...
  • Rash' 9 years ago

    Well as a "Veteran" I thought that did nothing for my tastes. Only Wii Sports resort was of any interest. The rest was typically geared at the market Ninty have focused on since the get go of this generation. Looking forward to the motion plus attachment (looks as though it'll be an add on for all). Third parties will have to do something to appease mature tastes because Ninty clearly don't seem interested in doing that. I don't have much faith in them though.

    I just don't understand it. I get what Ninty are doing and think it's a good thing. I just don't agree with the execution of their strategy.

    It's all kiddy/cute/charming. Nothing for a mature market.
  • Daymare 9 years ago

    There they were, talking about core/veteran gamers ... and then ... then ...

    /rocks in chair
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    Moz: Nintendo seem to be infatuated with the casual gamer crowd now (and who can blame them, it's making them shitloads of cash). MS are trying to follow suit. Next gen might not be so good for 'core' gamers if they all keep obsessing over the casual market.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    something new from Naughtydog wouldn't go a miss either
  • Zomoniac 9 years ago

    All Sony has to do now is a quick video of God Of War 3 and they win by default.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    Pulsar, what do you mean exactly this has been a good gen, just in that middle of gen lul at the moment
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    I really hope Sonys conference is good. It's always nice when the underdog wins something (even if the underdog is actually a massive corporation...).
  • cheekyjay 9 years ago

    Very disappointing. The Wii Motion peripheral looks great, but only one game to show it off, and no suggestion of other uses? Personally I'm not a big Animal Crossing fan, though I'm sure it'll sell truckloads, but where are the supposed "hardcore" announcements? The already-confirmed Kid Icarus? The 3 years in development Zelda? Rockstar's Wii project? F-Zero? Pilotwings? Pikmin? Personally, given the characters' resurgence in Mario Baseball, Smash bros and Mario Kart I was banking on some surprise Donkey Kong country related game - but again - nothing. They didn't even show Warioland or Captain Rainbow... Wii Speak is a great new addition - finally voice over IP, but again they didn't really demonstrate it's wider uses beyond the one or two casual games... And where's the hard-drive, or SD-card streaming? Where's the new WiiWare and Virtual Console announcements, a slim or widescreen DS, downloadable game demos, discussion of how Wii DLC might work? Some new IP?

    Not one genuine surprise - very disappointed. Perhaps, like Bungie, Nintendo is planning to make some big reveals outside of the press conference - I certainly hope so.
  • iter 9 years ago

    Motionplus...but no Zelda or Star Wars implementation...WTF.
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    I suppose we'll see the the latest updates on Killzone. I hope we get info on Team ICO's project.
  • secombe 9 years ago

    Did nobody else see the irony in this little bit of this comments thread...

    Well at least it's more interesting than the abysmal MS one yesterday. At least we are seeing new things.


    You gotta be kidding me, evil!
    So Fallout 3, Gears 2, Resident Evil 5 & FFXIII annoucement are less interesting than Animal Crossing and Wii music?

    "New things" and a response with not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 sequels listed and nothing it.
  • Pulsar_t 9 years ago

    And people are still in denial that there's still hope for the 7th generation of consoles?
  • Moz 9 years ago

    Maybe the end of the of the Sony conference will see them anouncing Gears of War 2 is coming to the PS3 too ;) (yes i know MS own the rights to Gears so it's not going to happen, but would be funny)
  • smelly 9 years ago


    Boo to no pikmin

    Boo to no decent 3d pokemon rpg..

    Still at least there was a NEW game in there (wii music) unlike the 360 one yesterday which was all multiplatform sequels we already knew about
  • Muddtallica 9 years ago

    Well, that was somewhat underwhelming. The casual stuff all looked quite fun in its way, and I'll certainly pick up both Animal Crossing and Wii Sports Resort, but for all their talk of making sure to include the core gamer, they sure as hell didn't do a whole lot to excite the core audience, with only the announcement of GTA: Chinatown Wars even really registering on that front. Sure, Reggie implied that the three Wii games he showed in the mini-compilation reel were meant to represent the breadth of the larger library of Wii titles releasing this year, but when are we going to get to SEE those games? E3 is meant to be the time you lay all your cards on the table; the impression I got from this showing is either that Nintendo are still keeping theirs too close to their chest, or else they simply don't have any left.

    Over to you, Sony.
  • holydrone 9 years ago


    Utter, utter tripe.
  • sneetch 9 years ago

    Pants. Complete pants.

    This is sad, I'd such high hopes going in there but they really have nothing in the pipeline that I'm even vaguely interested in. Now, I'm sure lots of people will be interested in them but an awful lot won't. My Wii has hardly been on since I bought it at launch. Looks like that not gonna change anytime soon.

    No Zelda, no revamped Pit, nothing at all but more (and I'm loath to use the term) "casual" mini-game crap. Not one "core" game at all. And by core I simply mean a traditional game. An action adventure, a platform game, anything like that, no innovations at all. Instead we get more mini-games. Apparently that's what they think we want. Well not me.

    Roll on the Sony Press Conference.

    Edit: I'm talking about 1st party btw.
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    Trouble is, I don't think Sony can do much at all!

    They can shows first party games and stuff, but nothing will be mind-blowing!
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    That's a bit harsh, Confounder.

    Original does not guarantee that it'll be good.
  • smelly 9 years ago


    That was even more boring than the 360 one!

    The new controller looks ace though
  • shadowsblaze 9 years ago

    That was worse than Microsoft's conference. It was practically all casual games. Let's face it, the likes of Wii Sports and Wii Music are only fun in a group. On your own, you'd only spend 5 minutes with them. What I found most disappointing was NO PIKMIN. Surely it makes sense for Nintendo to be devleoping this game by now as it's perfect for the motion control setup.
  • bad09 9 years ago

    Well I wasn't expecting much and I'm still not fussed about loosing access to a Wii. But for fans of the Wii I suppose there was plenty to get excited about.

    No offence to Wii owners (being on the Wii thread) but for me "Sony, save me from this dire E3........"
  • Vin 9 years ago

    That was sadly, fucking tragic.
  • SpeedyThing 9 years ago

    I'm sorry but that one was worse than MS's. At least MS spent longer announcing games than waffling on about sales figures.

    Seriously, if it wasn't for the music thing that would have been a complete waste of time..

    Pokemon? Wooo!
  • Prime 9 years ago

    That conference was so shit I'm so disappointed
    With the exception of AC there was no good games shown at all....
    I'm off to cry about no Pikmin 3 :(
  • Monkey_Puncher 9 years ago

    That was terrible, Nintendo really are dead to me now :(

    What happened to them appealing to the core gamer at E3?

  • Ignatius_Cheese 9 years ago

    All Sony need to do is just not go through with their conference and it would be better than Nintendo and MS' efforts
  • Moz 9 years ago

    @ulov3 i fear they may not do any better though!!
  • WinterSnowblind 9 years ago

    It wasn't even another GOOD Pokemon game. I was hoping they'd finally announce a decent one for the Wii, or at least the sequel to Diamond and Pearl.. But Ranger is a sequel to a spin-off that not even the hardcore Pokemon fans really care about.

    And no, I can't see how you can claim this is better than the MS one. At least with them we got to see some Resident Evil 5, Fallout, Fable and Gears, as well as some great new arcade games being announced, including the original two Banjo games. Even with all the crap they showed towards the end, they at least had the FF announcement to make up for it. Here we got.. yet another casual based music game?

    I'm some what excited about the new Animal Crossing, but this conference has been terrible. Sony will have to do something really impressive, in order to not be better than both of them though.
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    7.30 UK is SONY's time
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    So how long til sony conference?
  • Moz 9 years ago

    anyone know what the music they're now playing is?
  • JediMasterMalik 9 years ago

    Utter utter tripe. The only thing remotely interesting was GTA DS and Wii sports resort, and one is miles away,. and the other they showed fuck all for.
  • myiagros 9 years ago

    Wow i thought the MS conference yesterday was pretty empty of interesting news, but the Ninty conference has set a new low as least interesting E3 conference ever.

    Even the SquareEnix Q&A yesterday was substantialy more interesting, and nothing happened!!
  • brainbird 9 years ago

    I love Nintendo, but that was quite bad.
    Animal Crossing saves this from being a disaster.
  • alimokrane 9 years ago

    This was the WORST E3 Press Conference EVER! congrats Nintendo!
  • Moz 9 years ago

    hummm well that was flat!!
  • tubeoftoothpaste 9 years ago

    wii music looks dire
  • Ignatius_Cheese 9 years ago

    Oh well! Did anyone expect anything other than disappointment...? :o/
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    Well, that was our market leader!
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    imitation is just round the corner- sony conference?
  • mkreku 9 years ago

    Ok, I still don't like Nintendo. That did NOT help!
  • Rufus 9 years ago

    Shigeru gave a demo of "playing" the piano "just like that" with the wii remote and nunchuck on wii music. My word am I annoyed and confused.
  • FightingMongoose 9 years ago

    No Zelda?! Nooooo!
  • Moz 9 years ago

    ninty and ms really have left it open for Sony to walk all over them, of course it's more likely that Sony's conference will be just as bad
  • DjFlex52 9 years ago

    Well at least it's more interesting than the abysmal MS one yesterday. At least we are seeing new things.


    You gotta be kidding me, evil!
    So Fallout 3, Gears 2, Resident Evil 5 & FFXIII annoucement are less interesting than Animal Crossing and Wii music?
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    Hmm. It would be interesting if they showed what Team ICO are working on (at the Sony conference i mean).
  • pervertron 9 years ago

    Who's he calling a fag! ... Oh, he said fad.
  • Everblue 9 years ago

    It will be better than nintendo's for sure!
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    i really what to like Nintendo, but they never do enough to attract Adult stuff!
  • Moz 9 years ago

    correction wii music looks shit!!!
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    classic tune from SMB!! hmmmmmmmmmm I was 10, when i LOVED that game!
  • patchbox360 9 years ago

    my hated for nintendo was just made official
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    90 minutes until Sony... anyone has ay clues what can we expect from it?
  • Everblue 9 years ago

    LOL nintendo messed this up.
  • patchbox360 9 years ago

  • WinterSnowblind 9 years ago

    Dire.. Seems like Nintendo have abandoned the hardcore market altogether.
    GTA could be interesting, but they failed to tell us ANYTHING about it, let alone show it at all.

    Animal Crossing is the only other thing worth mentioning, and it looked far too similar to the past few.
  • konstantinos 9 years ago

    wow...! I will now stop s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g to find anything of interest here...
    guess I am too much of a non-"casual" gamer... well, I tried my best... Nintendo is definitely not my thing (some nice memories from the N64 era, but that's just about it...)... when's the Sony thing...?

  • jonbwfc 9 years ago

    Hold on, so you don't actually have to stick to the tune at all? So you can just random button mash and it plays the tune anyway? What's the point of that?
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    I wanna be like Ravi Drums!
  • TheTingler 9 years ago

    Yeah, not convinced by Wii Music. Where's the actual game?
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    Nintendo's plan to simulate all leisure activities.

    Probably the future!
  • DjFlex52 9 years ago

    You'd think after 30 years in the industry....genius Miyamoto would learn English....jeez.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    humm not sure about music
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    Hmm. Swordfighting like that is actually quite good. If they get a decent game built around it (next year maybe?).
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    wii rock band (or whatever its called), very good
  • Foxclose 9 years ago

    wii music ! LOL!!
  • dr_faulk 9 years ago

    I wish Miyamoto would blow into my microphone.
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    very impressed by motion plus, now the remote should cost more than $5 of tech to build
  • Prodigy_BE 9 years ago

    On the other hand: great news for the gaming market as a whole. Ninti just broadened the market even further.
    And now back to PC, 360 and PS3 for more of that Hardcore stuff.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    i'm guess the pointing at the screen to start acts as a reference point for the motion plus sensor to work from.
  • RobertFoster 9 years ago

    Lightsaber please.
  • Muddtallica 9 years ago

    Hey, the sword-fighting thing looks pretty good, actually...
  • Erinan 9 years ago

    @Rufus: haha, I was just listening to the video and hearing "Oh! Aaah! That's more your speed!", etc.
  • Prodigy_BE 9 years ago

    /looks at his Wii, sitting in the corner and says:
    Well, looks like more dust gathering for you pal

    Maybe next year, when the new Zelda an Mario are ready.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    ok i'm actually freaked out by how acurate the motion plus appears to be!!!!
  • dr_faulk 9 years ago

    Is Wii MotionPlus what we all expected to see from the Wii in the beginning? e.g. 1:1 correlation of movement?

    Roll on the Lightsaber game!!!

    "Man, it looks like one-to-one sword control and he's slicing up a piece of wood, blocking and slashing."

    eYe aM t3h c0rrrktz0rz!

    "We may have just seen the birth of the Caminator," jokes Reggie

    regg33 is t3h c0kz0rz!
  • Xerx3s 9 years ago

    "nobody is just after better graphics and more content these days. "

    "he wants to destroy the psychological barrier between gamers and non-gamers. "
    See, I met these so called non-gamers once. Not the kind of people I want to be associated with.;p

    "He wants to satisfy core gamers and casual types too."
    I see plenty of things to satisfy those casuals but what about the core gamers? You say it but you don't mean it.
  • Rufus 9 years ago

    "You REALLY like that throttle, dont you Reggie"........"yeah, thats more your speed"

  • canIdoyabombsforya 9 years ago

    Who needs entertainment, when you can watch an Xbox/PS3 fanboy, derogatory comment conference right here.
    Shouldn't you boys be playing Halo 3 or watching Blu-rays in your bedroom ?
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    im surprised they havent got the huge hooked wooden stick out to pull her off the stage
  • Rash' 9 years ago

    DS GTA????!!! WTF!!!
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    Why would i play Guitar Hero or Spore on a DS when i can play the real thing (which is better) on other systems?

    Could say the same thing about GTA i guess. Hmm. It's possible it'll be good though.
  • RobertFoster 9 years ago

    Will Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway be in it?
  • FightingMongoose 9 years ago

    Wii MotionPlus, a shocking revelation!
  • TheTingler 9 years ago

    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS?! Woohoo!!
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    is pokey-mon a spin off?...gta oh dear
  • Muddtallica 9 years ago

    GTA DS? First thing this E3 to really surprise me...
  • dr_faulk 9 years ago

    Cammie sounds hot...
  • FightingMongoose 9 years ago



    A new Zelda can save it....

    I know it...

  • seasidebaz 9 years ago



  • Turambar 9 years ago

    I got to "paradigm shift" and stopped.
  • WinterSnowblind 9 years ago

    "She's very natural. Very "american", but open and honest. Stark contrast to the MS conference."

    Are you kidding? The whole thing feels like an act, she's very UNnatural
  • Gaol 9 years ago

    Ah the old female gamers line. Nintendo created a lot of dumbed down shit so that they could join in.

  • Stupid_Fat_Hobbit 9 years ago

  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    3 games

    1 for wiimote, 1 for balance board and 1 for zapper.
  • viper_h 9 years ago

    Thanks :) pointless anyway as I have no sound at work, but just wanted to know what was going on. no live updates for 8 mins. thought the place had been nuked.
  • seasidebaz 9 years ago

    Come on, let's get rid of these 3 crap games and announce something... I need to drive home in a minute and it takes 45 minutes so I'm going to miss everything :(
  • Moz 9 years ago

    @viper_h goto
  • ianegg 9 years ago

    Oh god... not call of duty... eurogamer has driven me insane with that shit already
  • Asundai 9 years ago

    Watch it live there.
  • Rufus 9 years ago

    3 games? and the first is Star Wars? Joke. Im a nintendo "veteran" as Reggie alludes to, but this is just appalling. Raving Rabbids. Good grief. I havent been this annoyed since Nickleback were used in a DFS advert.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    LOL, his stats show the PS3 as have more different games in the first 12 months then the 360!!
  • Erinan 9 years ago

  • Asundai 9 years ago

    Nintendo have become pro at selling games consoles to non-gamers. That's impressive, from a business point of view. Not very exciting for 'core' gamers though. Are they going to announce anything exciting?
  • viper_h 9 years ago

    are you guys watching this? how can you watch it?

    i'm just sitting on these stupid live updates that take ages.
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    He certainly looks more like stevie's dad, but he's got that slight "im gonna talk more simply to you so you understand our genius" edge to him
  • seasidebaz 9 years ago


    Oh yeah :)

    /is dumb seasidebazlol
  • Moz 9 years ago

    @seasidebaz, for those moments when you in the middle of a game using the mic, but want to talk to someone in your house without the people your online with hearing
  • Danoxth 9 years ago


    I always thought Stevie's dad myself
  • bad09 9 years ago

    E3 is just sales meetings now :(
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    Does reggie remind anyone else of Malcolm's, from Malcolm in the middle, school teacher? Or am i alone in this
  • allen 9 years ago

    NPD DATA HOOOOOOOooooooooOOoOoOoOoooooooo
  • seasidebaz 9 years ago


    Why bother muting? You can only talk to people who you've added friend codes for... ;)
  • allen 9 years ago

    can't believe they made a big deal out of a microphone ;p, not even bluetooth :(
  • Erinan 9 years ago

    I wonder if they'll end the conference with a FF13 Wii announcement.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    Wii speak is a nice idea, though hope there's an easy mute option
  • burns 9 years ago

    "Second... nobody is just after better graphics and more content these days. "

    umm, I am.
  • Cloudane 9 years ago

    Animal Crossing (Wii) looks exactly the same as the GameCube version...
  • jonbwfc 9 years ago

    The guy's just spent 5 minutes saying absolutely nothing concrete at all.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    HD Engages and Enriches me,
  • bad09 9 years ago

    I like the dig about copying ideas :)
  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 9 years ago

  • Mudo 9 years ago

    Bunny Day!!!!!
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    So nintendo understands gamers want gorgeous graphics, Wii HD?? Ok maybe not
  • Moz 9 years ago

    @Erinan i'm surprised there aren't subs, americans are famouse for not being able to understand people with an accent!!
  • jonbwfc 9 years ago

    Sean White Snowboarding is a Wii exclusive now?
  • Erinan 9 years ago

    The Japanese accent is strong in this one. I wish there were subtitles (non-native speaker here)...
  • Rash' 9 years ago

    She's very natural. Very "american", but open and honest. Stark contrast to the MS conference.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    could his rists be more limp!!!
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    Actually less than 30, more like 10. And its worth losing that 10
  • bad09 9 years ago

    That Snowboarding does look cool shame my girlfriend sold the Wii on friday!
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    Nintendo's live straming is probably 30 secnds ahead of IGNs Livewire. But Livewire is better res
  • Cloudane 9 years ago

    Trying. Too. Hard.
  • Rash' 9 years ago

    What did I say? First original surprise: a woman representing videogames.
  • ianegg 9 years ago

    "if everyone would please welcome me in joining"

  • Erinan 9 years ago

    Geez, this woman is terrible on stage, and she scares me.
  • Rufus 9 years ago

    Either that or Rocky Dennis
  • Muddtallica 9 years ago

    Rufus: I thought it was Carrot Top too. :D
  • WinterSnowblind 9 years ago

    This woman annoys me..
  • Rufus 9 years ago

    Is that Carrot Top snowboarding?
  • Moz 9 years ago

    bloody hell this life style bollocks is going on forever!!!
  • Muddtallica 9 years ago

    I'm terrified of this woman. :(
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    this woman isnt annoying in the slightest....
  • Santino 9 years ago

    apparently miyamoto is backstage dressed like a cowboy lol
  • Quint2020 9 years ago

    Yes funny it was but with a rather large grain of truth hidden within.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    funky music!! and EG that's not dance or techno, is funk of a kind
  • seasidebaz 9 years ago

    I think Nintendo have turned off wifi access. no blogs seem to be updating...
  • darleysam 9 years ago

    No, it was funny. That's what it was.
  • Quint2020 9 years ago

    "Speculation is not rife as to what Nintendo will unveil because it's too early in the morning. Presumably we'll get some sort of game where you knit cats out of clouds or a game where you train your kidneys by swallowing nunchuks and filling out tax returns dressed as a Care Bear."

  • Lexx87 9 years ago

    Well then Klinjon you are obviously a bit of a poo head
  • Klinjon 9 years ago

    This website can be something of a joke at times Mudo. I know, I don't have to read it if I don't want to, but these guys are representing the European press, and I just felt it was unneccessary. My opinion, not fact.
  • iago71 9 years ago

    How about another Pikmin??????
  • danathjo 9 years ago

    Mother 4 for the Wii, along with the VC release of M3
    plus kingdom hearts 3 for the Wii
  • Mudo 9 years ago

    More like a joke Klinjon.
  • Klinjon 9 years ago

    "Speculation is not rife as to what Nintendo will unveil because it's too early in the morning. Presumably we'll get some sort of game where you knit cats out of clouds or a game where you train your kidneys by swallowing nunchuks and filling out tax returns dressed as a Care Bear."

    Nice unbiased opinion there..
  • Mudo 9 years ago

    Eurogamer should do a live video stream. With Wogan-at-Eurovision-esque commentary.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    we need a eurogamer live chat room.
  • Widge 9 years ago

    Retro irony post ftw!
  • Widge 9 years ago

    Duck Hunt Wii
  • SparkyDD 9 years ago

    Donkey Kong Wii
  • Santino 9 years ago

    fingers crossed for a storage solution
  • FightingMongoose 9 years ago

    "New" Zelda please!
  • Moz 9 years ago

    Now this is what afternoons are for, got my windows arrange so I can see Live wire and this thread as the same time. With laptop on lap, in front of TV so I can play the Too Human at the same time while waiting for the conference to start :D
  • Brianstorm 9 years ago

    it's going to be punch out and animal crossing.
  • Moz 9 years ago

    *crosses fingers* Wii HD Wii HD Wii HD Wii HD Wii HD Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
  • gingerlink 9 years ago

    Nintendo will be late, thank god, I may be able to get home at 5, but I need to run and post a letter too...
  • groovychainsaw 9 years ago

    More lifestyle stuff - I predict: A recipe channel database, curtain designing wiiware app, a fashion adviser (maybe using a video camera add-on!). Any interesting games will be sequels from nintendo (metroid, mario, zelda et al.), they'll show off some 3rd party stuff, but only as a token gesture (look, we sell other people's games too! Really..! Honest...! Where are you going.....)
  • Moz 9 years ago

    A new proper mario game for Wii, would be nice to see more then one mario game this gen
  • Sid-Nice 9 years ago

    I want a 60gb HDD and 108Wiip.
  • Landmaster 9 years ago

    A game based on the Postman from Zelda.The postman from Majora's Mask.I almost cried reading the letter he wrote himself :(
  • DFawkes 9 years ago

    Grand Theft Auto 5, Wii exclusive, including Mii support. With added rape. And released with a U rating. with Sarah Jessica Parkers face in it. And a soundtrack consisting of Guantanemo Bay torture sounds (like whale song but more screaming). That'd be a surprise.

    I'd settle for Animal Crossing Wii though.
  • andywilkie35 9 years ago

    after Microsoft's conference yesterday, Nintendo had better have something more than Animal Crossing in their locker!

    I think its time for the next Zelda to be announced
  • Rash' 9 years ago

    After Microsoft's "Mii too" conference I'm expecting Ninty to show how to lead the industry with some original surprises.
  • Killerbee 9 years ago

    I think Animal Crossing Wii is just about a certainty, plus whatever they can conjure up to go with the new motion accessory thing - Wii Sports 2?

    Beyond that I'd like to see some more announcements on the software side - the Wii still has plenty of space for Pikmin, F-Zero, Pilotwings and Starfox sequels, plus we surely deserve another Zelda some time in the next couple of years. Wii Music / Orchestra also need to be dated.

    On the DS, I can't really see the point of new hardware - they surely don't need to release the DS2 already, do they? Again, some new games would be nice. Another 2D Mario platformer would surely hit the spot, as would a 2D Metroid.

    Whatever happens, I'm hoping for some surprises! :)
  • the_dudefather 9 years ago


  • hammerstein07 9 years ago

    Mario Hazard - New Mario Survival Horror ..
  • Rufus 9 years ago

    A new 2D Metroid on DS please.
  • Santino 9 years ago stream
  • ianegg 9 years ago

    Four Swords Wii with DS linkup and online play, please.
  • BiscuitBase 9 years ago

    Haze 2 Wii Exclusive please
  • _LarZen_ 9 years ago

    Something NEW, not remake of the same old stuff like they have always done!
  • WinterSnowblind 9 years ago

    Pikmin 3, Please :)
  • monkie_king 9 years ago

    With Wii Motion Plus support. Yes. Abel and Mable will let you customise your clothing with a 1:1 motion mapped embroidery game.
  • Arcadiian 9 years ago

    Animal Crossing Wii, please.

Our live coverage has now ended. Here's what you missed: Updating...

16:40 By Robert Purchese

Here we are then at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood for the Nintendo conference. We were accosted by Jack Sparrow on our way down the road and the guy who makes Castlevania, Igarashi, is sat directly in front of us. Curtain's set to go up in 20 minutes or so and we're being treated to lifestyle music and aspirational floating photos in the meantime.

16:42 By Robert Purchese

Speculation is not rife as to what Nintendo will unveil because it's too early in the morning. Presumably we'll get some sort of game where you knit cats out of clouds or a game where you train your kidneys by swallowing nunchuks and filling out tax returns dressed as a Care Bear.

16:55 By Robert Purchese

[It looks like Tom has been hit by Mario-lightning for that last quip. We should be back with him soon - Ed.]

17:05 By Robert Purchese

We're still sitting here looking at swirly blue lifestyle pictures of people having lots of fun. There is techno music!

17:05 By Robert Purchese

Or is it dance? We're out of touch.

17:08 By Robert Purchese

There are pictures of people in Wii hats laughing and girls in hoods doing the same. Yawn.

17:09 By Robert Purchese

Here comes the demo reel! Lots of people laughing and smiling and playing together on Wii and DS.

17:10 By Robert Purchese

There are old people, young people, children, families. The expanded audience, probably.

17:10 By Robert Purchese

Cammie Dunaway takes the stage first off standing in front of her Mii. "My name is not Reggie," she jokes. She says that getting up every day to work with videogames keeps her smiling. She tells a story about how she smashed up her wrist snowboarding.

17:10 By Robert Purchese

Her rambling intro turns out to be for Shaun White Snowboarding. Shaun White himself (presumably) is revealed in a pod next to the stage playing the game on a Wii balance board. "Woo," says everyone.

17:12 By Robert Purchese

White's got his own Mii as well. Cammie says that Ubisoft developed the game from the ground up to use the balance board. White says it improves the gameplay. Cammie's going to try this out too now. "Let's get my board going here." "Let's do the half-pipe," says White. On-screen Cammie's character does a few flips off the half-pipe and then tumbles.

17:13 By Robert Purchese

She just did a move called Swiss Cheese. She's waving her arms and wiggling on the balance board like a pro. The crowd gives her an appreciative round of applause and Cammie boots White off-stage.

17:14 By Robert Purchese

We'll be able to have all that fun and more "when this game arrives exclusively for Wii by year end". Satoru Iwata now takes the stage and says good morning. "A true paradigm shift has taken place in the mobile game market," he begins.

17:16 By Robert Purchese

He's going back to 2003 and his first E3 address. "I knew almost everyone attending held a pessimistic view of Nintendo's future. That view was not enjoyable, but I knew people were just using what seems to be a common sense view of the videogame market. I must admit that even Nintendo employees could not have imagined 5 years later that the market could respond so quickly that we could be selling millions of...bathroom scales." Laughter.

17:16 By Robert Purchese

"Common sense doesn't make as much sense any more," he points out. He's going to spend a few minutes discussing "what has really changed in this new paradigm". "First, we are now selling games that can sell steady for a long period of time."

17:17 By Robert Purchese

Two years' or three years' worth of sales was a pipe-dream until Brain Age, Nintendogs, Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Bros. proved it could happen, Iwata says. "These products seem to be evergreens. This I think is a really big change."

17:18 By Robert Purchese

"Second..." nobody is just after better graphics and more content these days. He admits a lot of us do want that and Nintendo still intends to do stuff like that. The Mario and Zelda teams are "both hard at work" on "new titles", he says, although doesn't clarify if he means new Mario and Zelda games specifically. But anyway, Wii Sports and Wii Fit have lots of users for a number of reasons, he says, getting back to the point.

17:20 By Robert Purchese

"Third, suddenly the userbase has expanded." He flashes up a picture of some grans and then a woman with a pink DS having her hair cut. Parents, execs, etc. Lifestyle people. "It has [also] changed the seasonal nature of videogame hardware sales," says Iwata, but "today game hardware systems are more likely purchased by people for themselves at any time of the year". More than 200,000 DS units sold in Europe a week "as if every week were a holiday".

17:21 By Robert Purchese

Over 700,000 Wii systems sold over the last three months in the US, he points out, and anyway, he wants to destroy the psychological barrier between gamers and non-gamers. Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit "created more of these conversations", he says, although he says Guitar Hero III was a big driver too. "The Wii version is outselling all others."

17:22 By Robert Purchese

He says progress is being made in the psycho barrier annihilation goal. He says "even if it is revolutionary..." people get bored of things. Even if people nick our ideas, he subtly jokes. "Personally I believe we must find more ways for players to feel engaged. Different ways for them to be enriched even with interactions we'd not call games. And most of all, the overall experience of our product must be increased enthusiasm."

17:22 By Robert Purchese

"So let me conclude by saying that we at Nintendo always challenge ourselves to be pioneers in forming new paradigms. We seek fresh surprises and I hope you will enjoy the ones we have for you today." Go on then.

17:23 By Robert Purchese

Here we go with a "key core game", I think he said. Katsuya Eguchi is on-screen in front of what looks like Animal Crossing. Yep.

17:24 By Robert Purchese

He wanted to create a game "where players could feel like they are playing together even if they are playing at different times". Screen says Animal Crossing: City Folk will be out on Wii in 2008.

17:25 By Robert Purchese

Visually it looks very similar to old Animal Crossing. They're showing the town - no required goals, so you can do what you want. Showing how you can wear/edit designs, etc. The animals in the world will, as ever, get up and do their business whether you're playing or not. Bunny Day, Halloween, New Years. It's all in there.

17:25 By Robert Purchese

"The City is a brand new place to explore in the Wii version of Animal Crossing," he says as we see it. An auction room is on there, plus Happy Room Academy.

17:26 By Robert Purchese

Visit famous fashion designer at her store, go to Harriet's Beauty Salon and change hairstyle or put on a mask and look like your Mii. "Of course the key to Animal Crossing is communication and there are some exciting advances." You can write letters and attach pictures, and send to Wii Message Board, mobile phones and PCs as well as other towns.

17:26 By Robert Purchese

New bit is Wii Speak microphone - "a community microphone that lets every person in the room talk with another roomful of people anywhere in the world".

17:27 By Robert Purchese

They're showing a fishing competition played by a bunch of people speaking to each other via Wii Speak. They sound lifestyle. Now a bunch of friends are wandering around the town, or sitting in someone's house and observing the unique way the town has been set up. "It tells you what kind of person they are and I think that's really fun."

17:28 By Robert Purchese

Graphically it looks a lot like the Cube one but with slightly more visual detail. It's still stylised properly. We're seeing on-screen keyboard, lots of different seasonal graphics, and the demo's over. And now Reggie Fils-Aime is taking the stage in front of his hard-looking Mii. "Good morning."

17:30 By Robert Purchese

He reminds us that last year he was "not closed to being satisfied". This year "we're pleased" with Animal Crossing being out with Wii Speak by the end of the year. And in a larger sense he's also pleased with the marketplace performance. Lifetime sales for Wii in US hit 10 million according to NPD data recently, and DS 20 million, and the sales of these two "alone now combine to represent more than 5 billion dollars [of revenue] at retail in the US". And he's still not satisfied.

17:31 By Robert Purchese

Because everyone wants more games. He wants to satisfy core gamers and casual types too. Excellent, a graph. Lifetime sales of hardware for each major platform. "The biggest bar belongs to Nintendo DS." Expecting "total DS worldwide sales will grow to almost 100 million systems" by the end of Nintendo's current fiscal year - i.e. end of March 09.

17:39 By Robert Purchese

Reggie says that 2007 was expected to be the peak year by some, and yet DS sales in the US in 2008 are "12 per cent ahead of last year's record". "Hardware sales are always driven by key software franchises, and this spring that key franchise was Pokemon." The Mystery Dungeon series did more than 600k in six weeks across the two games - Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness.

17:39 By Robert Purchese

Lifetime Pokemon game sales now at 180 million. Yes, million. Software sales 29 per cent ahead of last year in the US. Mental. June NPD data will show that the DS has overtaken Wii sales in the US in the back and forth battle between the two, he says. He refers to celeb-backed female-targeting ads they ran in the US recently, which seems to have driven sales of the big evergreen titles like Brain Age. "For Wii the sales trajectory is climbing even steeper."

17:39 By Robert Purchese

They're demonstrating that the sales between year one and month 19 suggest an acceleration in hardware sales. He hopes NPD will show Wii becoming the best-selling system in this generation in the US as it already has done worldwide. Wouldn't be too surprising given MS has 10.3m in US and Nintendo has 10.2 million.

17:39 By Robert Purchese

Wii software sales graph looks good too. The 12-19 month gap shows a lot of growth relative to the first year. He says they used Metroid and Mario to "satisfy and reassure" veteran gamers early in the Wii's life cycle.

17:40 By Robert Purchese

Meanwhile "even confirmed non-gamers" had to "stand up and take notice" thanks to Wii Fit and Wii Sports. And now he's saying third parties are finding success. Dozens and dozens of new titles in the coming months. "We've chosen to limit our preview to just three new games" rather than show them all, he says. Wii Clone Wars on-screen. Now Raving Rabbids. And now Call of Duty World at War, with co-op etc.

17:40 By Robert Purchese

Cammie's back and says Wii creativity is "mushrooming". Steady. Portable games time. What's driving the growth is new players. Who are they, she asks rhetorically. And it turns out they were female - either because of gifts or they bought one, logically. "Last year it almost reached exact parity with males. The DS appeal is universal."

17:41 By Robert Purchese

Guitar Hero: On Tour sold 300k in its first week in the US, she points out, which we knew. Still awkward as hell. She's going to show us that and Spore Creatures on DS.

17:42 By Robert Purchese

On Tour is on-screen. They're going to release "Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades" I think the guy on-screen said - this autumn. Song-sharing included.

17:43 By Robert Purchese

Spore Creatures now. Lucy Bradshaw on-screen. "With the Nintendo version of the game it is a unique and different design." They wanted to take the core elements - player creativity and sharing - to DS. "So you kind of get your own little posse going with your friends' creatures."

17:43 By Robert Purchese

And that's that. Cammie's back. "Now in addition to these great exclusives I can add one more piece of launch news - the next invasion of Pokemon." Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Alma on November 10th in the US.

17:44 By Robert Purchese

"And make no mistake - the appeal of DS extends to the core as well," she adds. They're announcing a custom Grand Theft Auto game called Chinatown Wars is out on DS this winter.

17:44 By Robert Purchese

"Set in a modern day Liberty City, the game features a custom game engine, new characters and the same free-ranging gameplay that GTA fans have come to expect."

17:45 By Robert Purchese

The DS has been used to "redefine the meaning of videogame", she says, and that "also extends to the DS itself", she notes. Hrm. "What if DS and air travel came together in a different way?" "Why can't my DS provide information on where I can claim my luggage?" she says, and lists a bunch of new rhetorical questions.

17:46 By Robert Purchese

In Seattle at baseball games they can already use the DS to check scores at other games, watch highlights and do other things. They can also order food using it. Loonies. "Speaking of food, could it be that the DS could even earn a spot in your kitchen?" I assume the answer is yes or this is going to backfire. Looks like the cooking game that came out in the UK the other day.

17:47 By Robert Purchese

Nice lifestyle photo of a blonde woman now. And Cammie's off, replaced by Reggie. "Let me build on that idea...literally," he says, referring the redefinition of the videogame. Bleh. He's now showing the Wii remote's new precision clip-on. The Wii MotionPlus thing. It "renders every slight shift of your wrist or arm into the gameplay".

17:48 By Robert Purchese

Wii Sports Resort - "literally a day at the beach".

17:49 By Robert Purchese

This will use the Wii MotionPlus and they're going to show three of the games. They're going to package a jacket and Wii MotionPlus with every copy of Wii Sports Resort. Cammie's back and she's got "probably the cutest game you'll ever see". Disc Dog. Er. Another guy is going to explain Wii MotionPlus first.

17:50 By Robert Purchese

Cammie's rotating her wrist and the precise action is being reflected on-screen in real-time at the exact angles too. It's bloody impressive. "That's what Wii MotionPlus does." She's going to toss a disc so that her dog can grab it. You're supposed to aim for a target on the ground.

17:51 By Robert Purchese

This time she manages it and gets a sympathy ripple from the crowd. Reggie wants "something that's a little bit more my speed". Aha, jetskis. Reggie's holding the Wiimote and nunchuk as handlebars and throttling the jetski through gates on a lovely Wave Race-style water surface. He looks like he's missed one gate though. What a dork.

17:53 By Robert Purchese

"Oh you guys!" says Cammie. Kill me. "Guys are all the same," she says as the men dispute manliness. Sigh. Anyway, a bit of "old-fashioned sword duelling". I am forever doing that at the beach. Man, it looks like one-to-one sword control and he's slicing up a piece of wood, blocking and slashing.

17:54 By Robert Purchese

Now there's a two-player sword-fight. Cammie versus Reggie. We're going for Reggie. Sadly you can't carve up the other person's Mii though, as you've got sticks rather than swords now. Reggie knocks Cammie into the water. Round 2. "Bring it on baby," says Cammie. Reggie blocks her attacks as she goes mad on stage and takes him out, Anakin over-the-head style.

17:54 By Robert Purchese

"We may have just seen the birth of the Caminator," jokes Reggie. "What we've shown you today is just a small taste of Wii Sports Resort," he says. Other stuff will be in there too.

17:55 By Robert Purchese

"Wii MotionPlus represents a much broader opportunity." Other devs are now contemplating how to use it elsewhere, he says. "One-to-one motion control" will "certainly take you deeper than ever before".

17:55 By Robert Purchese

Wii Sports Resort will "launch globally next spring". They're going to show "one more experience available this holiday" that will use the original Wii remote.

17:56 By Robert Purchese

Smoke machine kicks in. Aha, a drumming game. A big drum-set with four drums, a kick-pedal and three cymbals. The guy demoing is drumming using the Wiimote and nunchuk and is doing a pretty demented drum solo. It's a bit of a racket, in all honesty.

17:56 By Robert Purchese

Oh, and he's using the balance board for the kick pedals. He goes absolutely nuts for the climax. And Shigeru Miyamoto takes the stage playing the Wiimote like a saxophone, blowing into the microphone by the look of it.

17:57 By Robert Purchese

In the background the drummer gently plays, there's a pianist, a cellist and some sort of xylophone. It's a bit jazzy.

17:58 By Robert Purchese

Miyamoto's jamming and his Mii is, er, spasming around a bit, but it all looks very Disney's Jools Holland. Miyamoto finishes and steps forward. "This year I'd like to introduce you to Wii Music."

17:58 By Robert Purchese

Miyamoto's trusty translator helps him out. They started designing Wii Music right back at the beginning alongside Wii Sports and the like, and wanted to cross the age/gender divide in the family living room.

17:59 By Robert Purchese

Wii Music is a different play experience to other music games, says Miyamoto. He says most games want symbol-matching and precise timing on-screen, but Wii Music allows "everyone including people who can't read music and can't play real instruments" to enjoy the feeling of playing music.

18:00 By Robert Purchese

You don't have to follow rhythm guides or notes to play along. All you have to do is move your hands and body like you would while playing the real thing and the game picks up on that and plays a note that fits the song. Miyamoto says he can play the guitar but not the sax, so when he did that just then he was just holding and pretending and pressing the buttons "with a timing of my preference".

18:02 By Robert Purchese

This way he doesn't have to worry about messing up. It was a song from an F-Zero game, he says. "In Wii Music, you'll be able to play over 50 different instruments." He's playing the piano on-screen now, hammering away happily. The violin involves holding the nunchuk as though you're supporting the neck of the instrument and using the Wiimote like a bow.

18:02 By Robert Purchese

Guitar is played much as you'd expect by holding nunchuk up and then strumming with the Wiimote. There's a lot of percussion instruments too, and Miyamoto's banging away on a big bassy drum now.

18:03 By Robert Purchese

The drummer was a pro drummer called, er, Robbie Drums apparently. Brilliant. Miyamoto points out that the guy was playing a separate mode using the balance board for the pedals. That mode also includes lessons so you can "learn to play the drums in just a few weeks". "In fact Robbie only started practicing yesterday and already he's gotten quite good."

18:06 By Robert Purchese

He reminds us that he conducted an orchestra two years ago and jokes that people on the Internet said he was "pretty bad". He says the orchestra game and other modes like note-matching games and a choir (I think?) will be in there too. Wii Music will also record videos of your performances - well, your Miis', presumably - and create unique music videos by recording your own parts.

18:07 By Robert Purchese

Anyway, they're going to play a song for us. The game supports four players simultaneously. Robbie's doing drums, Denise Kaiegler is helping out and some other guys and of course Miyamoto. So he said four were supported but, er, they're playing with six. Must have missed something there. They're doing the Super Mario Bros. music.

18:07 By Robert Purchese

Very cool. The Miis are all jumping about and the guys on-stage are hamming it up magnificently. Actually there are five of them at it, not six. Accuracy FTW. This is the cheesiest thing so far. One of the on-screen Miis has a bird on his head and they're all wearing cute outfits.

18:08 By Robert Purchese

They're finished and Reggie and Cammie are back. Reggie is saying gamers will be more enriched, more enthused and blah blah. Cammie's summing up: Shaun White Snowboarding with balance board, Animal Crossing with Wii Speak, Wii Sports Resort using Wii MotionPlus, and of course Wii Music. "Games can and will engage us in new and more compelling games."

18:13 By Robert Purchese

Don't forget Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades either. Lots to look forward to there. "Nintendo simply brings more smiles to more faces," says Cammie. Reggie takes over. "From the minute DS launched...we've all heard the same word - 'fad'. It was never a fad, even if it was a real hope for some people." "It's inevitable when the paradigm shifts, imitation is just around the corner.

18:13 By Robert Purchese

Now he's pointing out that they have to keep coming up with new ideas to keep disrupting their thinking, including, er, their own thinking. Miyamoto and Iwata have "built a company in perpetual pursuit of that one thing - the next advantage". "Thanks for your attention." That's it, we're out. See you in just under 90 minutes for Sony!