Nintendo breaks US sales records

Takes credit for "99 per cent" of growth.

Nintendo has broken the record for the highest number of consoles sold during one year in the US.

The Wii was the first machine to break the 10 million barrier in a 12 month period, with 10.17 units shifted during 2008. The DS followed close behind on 9.95 million. The record was previously held by the DS, with 8.52 million units sold during 2007.

The Wii accounted for 55 per cent of console sales during 2008, while the DS accounted for 72 per cent of handheld sales. Poor old Gizmondo.

In a statement, Nintendo put overall industry growth at 19 per cent and claimed it was "responsible for 99 per cent of those additional retail dollars" spent. Plus, more third-party titles were sold for Wii than any other home console.

"Our type of entertainment has now moved to the point where there is no longer a question that if you offer consumers an expanded definition of what a videogame can be, and deliver that idea with quality and affordability in mind, millions of new people will start playing videogames," said Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway, while throwing diamonds the size of footballs into a bin just for fun.

"Concepts like Wii Fit, Guitar Hero and Rock Band never would have seemed feasible just a few years ago, and now they’re driving growth for our the entire industry."

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