NFS ProStreet demo on Live

Tweak your engine parts.

EA has eased a Need For Speed ProStreet demo onto the Live Marketplace starting grid.

It is light and speedy at 655MB and - good grief the girl on the website is rather attractive - should let you in on what is new in the illegal street racing scene this year.

We can help you a bit there, too, hopefully. The biggest new feature is the ability to actually modify how your car performs, not just scribble rubbish patterns on the outside. EA wants you to spend ages tinkering with your creations so you can head online and show them off, you see.

Your speedsters will also pick up lasting damage that will further help personalise your ride, as you wear dents and scratches like battle scars.

There has been lots of tidying up and work done across the board as well, like lots of fresh game modes, better visuals, new courses, more cars to pick from and better overall performance.

Need For Speed ProStreet will be released for PS3, 360, PC, PS2 and DS on 23rd November. A Wii version will follow on 30th November, and a PSP offering should join it some time next month.

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