Next Molyneux game a "scientific achievement"

But it's not Fable 3, says Lionhead boss.

Peter Molyneux has said his next creation will be regarded as a "significant scientific achievement".

He was chatting at the recent Microsoft event in San Francisco, where he promised all manner of innovations for the future.

"I think it's such a significant scientific achievement that it will be on the cover of Wired," Molyneux told Wired.

"My next game will not be Fable 3. It's not a game I can talk to you about right now, but: AI, simulation, the way characters interact - we've had smart people working on that stuff for over a decade with the Fable games and Black and White."

Of course, Molyneux has said all of this before; back in November he told Eurogamer that being "regarded as a major scientific breakthrough" was one of five ways games would evolve in the future.

"I think, one, gaming and social networking will come together more. Two, the devices we use to play games will continue to change radically. Three, we will still have a football game every year. Four, at least three of the existing genres will be redefined! Five, a game will be regarded as a major scientific breakthrough," said Molyneux, who also would rather turn invisible than have lasers for eyes.

Fable 2 is due out this Christmas exclusively on Xbox 360. It promises to test your morality, tug at your heart strings, and offer a world on a platter for you to pick at.

Pop over to our Fable 2 gamepage to find out how.

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