Zelda III rumour put to rest

Silicon Knights denies all.

Silicon Knights has gone on record to dismiss rumours that the company has purchased the fabled Zelda III NES cartridge.

According to US website Joystiq, the cartridge sold for just under $3000 and the buyer had plans to put the ROM on CD and start selling copies.

There were also rumours that the buyer, "Knight 7", was connected with Silicon Knights - the developer behind Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and forthcoming Xbox 360 title Too Human.

But that's not the case, according to CEO Denis Dyack, who wrote an email to Joystiq stating: "We saw your recent posting wherein you imply that Silicon Knights has purchased Zelda III, apparently under the name 'Knight 7.'

"I can affirmatively state that our company, Silicon Knights, has made no such purchase. With respect to the person using the name 'Knight 7,' we are currently investigating whether anyone using that web name is employed by Silicon Knights.

"Regardless, however, I can confirm right now that no such person was ever authorized by me or anyone else with authority at Silicon Knights to make such a purchase, in the company name or otherwise."

Bah. So did the cartridge ever even exist in the first place? Probably not, we're sad to report. But we can dream...

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