New Brothers in Arms for PSP

With a D-Day theme.

Ubisoft has confirmed that a PSP instalment in the Brothers in Arms series is heading our way later this year.

Brothers in Arms D-Day follows the adventures of Sergeants Baker and Hartsock, who have been dropped into wartime Normandy. Together with their fellow troops, they must sort out those pesky Germans - with Baker leading the way to Carentan, while Hartsock heads for St. Saveur.

You can expect brand new tactical options, new team-mate capabilities and, inevitably, better enemy AI. For the first time, you'll be able to lead a bazooka team, order your squad on an MG42 or fire mortar rounds. There are also 12 co-op missions you can play through with a friend and four multiplayer game modes.

Brothers in Arms D-Day is being developed by Ubisoft Shanghai in collaboration with Gearbox Software, and it's due out in the autumn.

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