Irwin to get WOW tribute

Seven players signed up.

The inhabitants of Azeroth are set to pay a very special tribute to dead crocodile hunter Steve Irwin.

The idea came from WOW player BubbRubb, who wrote on the official forum: "I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Steve Irwin, as you all are I'm sure. We need to pay our respects to this man and lay his Azerothian soul to rest, so I propose a memorial service at the serene ocean front setting of the Zoram Strand.

"I would like to spell out CRIKEY with players as a tribute to his wonderous catch phrase, and then we can dance and swim in the ocean to celebrate his life instead of mourning his death," BubbRubb suggested.

Both Horde and Alliance players are invited to attend, with a specific time and date still to be set. And, er, some more people still to sign up - so far only seven people have committed, which is probably just enough to do the C.

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