Top Spin 2 Wimbledon demo

Henman's out of this too.

Almost forgot Wimbledon was on, didn't you? Well it is, Henman's already out, and to celebrate us not having to hear the words "Henman hill" again for a year (or perhaps ever), 2K Sports has responded by lobbing a Wimbledon-themed demo of Top Spin 2 up on Xbox Live Marketplace.

The demo offers you the chance to take part in a match on Wimbledon's Centre Court, and you have four players to choose from: Sharapova, Williams, Federer and Roddick. Henman is not available which, given that this demo presumably had to undergo quite a bit of testing prior to the tennis tournament, suggests 2K Sports has powerful foresight.

Weighing in at 491MB, it's hardly slight, but it does offer a timely reminder of the game's many charms - as you can read about in our review. It may be expensive, but like Pavlov's children we'll flock to it anyway because it's on the telly.

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