New TOCA game for PSP

Complete with new mode.

Eurogamer can exclusively reveal that a new instalment in the TOCA series is heading to PSP later this year.

According to Codemasters, TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge will feature a "cavalcade" of officially licensed cars and world famous tracks. Plus there's a new game mode - the World Challenge, which sees you competing in a series of international championship tiers.

You'll begin each tier with a series of tests and events designed to improve your racing skills, with a focus on the likes of damage control, using the racing line, manoeuvering, quick pit stops and braking accuracy.

Then it's on to the main event. Each tier has a specialist Championship season, where you must compete on a variety of different circuits. Only by winning the championship can you move up to the next tier.

The championships take place all over the globe - you might find yourself driving in the British GP or Australia's V8 Supercars, or taking part in the American Race series or Germany's DTM events, to name but a few. Once all that's out of the way, you can take on the very best in a global Masters championship.

Other game modes include Free Race and Time Trial, and up to 12 players can take part in Wi-Fi races simultaneously. There's also a game share feature, so up to four players can compete even if you've only got one copy of the game.

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge is out this winter, and will only be released in PAL territories - hard luck, Americans.

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