Koei doing Disgaea 2

For Europe. This autumn.

Koei's announced, not entirely surprisingly, that it will continue its mission to bring Nippon Ichi's brilliant Japanese games to Europe with Disgaea 2.

The PS2 exclusive turn-based strategy RPG is due out this autumn, the publisher said.

Which is good news because we don't like trees and certainly have no interest in watching their leaves turn brown when we might be indoors reacquainting ourselves with Nippon Ichi's peculiar cast of characters.

Along with all the usual turn-based frippery there'll be the ability to stack characters on top of each other to combine powers and unleash special combos and attacks.

You'll also find the game rewards you for your naughtiness. "Think you're badder than you really are and you might just get summoned to court and suffer the shame of being found innocent," Koei advises.

And, as you can see from the screenshots we've got, the game uses a brand new 3D environment with animated sprites and anime cut-scenes too.

We'll bring you more on Disgaea 2 closer to its release.

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