More Halo 2 maps

Now free of charge.

Bungie has announced that a new set of Halo 2 maps is now available free of charge via Xbox Live.

The Killtacular pack, which was previously available for just under a fiver, contains two maps - Turf, described by Bungie as "a city based mid-sized map which is fantastic for exciting games of Territories," and Sanctuary - "a smallish symmetrical map with two opposing bases, perfect for games of multi-flag CTF."

Once you've downloaded the maps you'll be able to explore them in custom games or in the 'Team Preview' playlist via matchmatcking. Bungie says a playlist update, which will incorporate Turf and Sanctuary into the regular rotation and add five new maps due for release next week, is coming soon.

You can read about the Killtacular maps in more detail on Bungie's website.

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