Live Arcade title roundup

New Mutant Storm, more.

In all the excitement last night, you might have been forgiven for thinking Sensible World of Soccer and DOOM were the only new games announced for Xbox Live Arcade - but of course that's not the case.

Because among the games shown were several new titles, including Assault Heroes from Vivendi, Mutant Storm Empire from PomPom, and Street Trace: NYC from Gaia Industries.

Other games on the reel included Midway's Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Defender, Konami's Contra and Gyruss, and indie titles Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank (PopCap) and Small Arms (Gastronaut Studios).

All those titles should be released before the end of 2006, with the exception of SWOS and Gyruss, which are a bit harder to predict.

Lumines Live was also shown briefly, and as far as creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi knows, that's due out in the middle of October.

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