Next-gen SEGA Rally announced

Driving Studio handling it.

SEGA Driving Studio is bringing SEGA Rally to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC next year, SEGA's announced. It'll be called "SEGA Rally Revo" in the States and SEGA Rally here - and it'll launch in both places in 2007.

Promising "vibrant next generation graphics, intuitive controls, competitive bumper-to-bumper racing and fully reactive environments," SEGA Rally will feature a range of 4WD, 2WD and Classic vehicles that react "quite differently" depending on the racing surface.

The environment and surfaces will be fully deformable, scattering gravel or snow as you zoom on through the looping tracks - in a similar manner to the stuff Sony's been shouting about in Evolution Studios' PS3 title MotorStorm.

SEGA's also playing up the strength of the AI, which will adapt its driving to the racing surface, and says that the game will include a full suite of single and multiplayer options including split-screen and online racing.

"The rally genre has become the domain of ultra realistic simulation based titles that portray the sport in minute detail but offer little in terms of fun," says Guy Wilday, studio director. "With the emphasis being on entertainment, SEGA Rally will focus on delivering an adrenaline fuelled competitive racing experience but without over-complicating the rally experience."

We should see it at E3. Expect more from SEGA tomorrow at 8am - having already World Snooker Championship/Challenge 2007, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz for (sigh) Nintendo Wii, and Virtua Tennis 3.

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