Double Agent PC dated

Sneaking out next month.

PC owners wondering why their version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent isn't out this Friday can breathe a bit easier: the game's gone gold, and should be on shelves on 10th November.

As you'll know if you've read our review of the Xbox 360 version, Double Agent finds Sam Fisher on top form as he goes undercover with a nasty terrorist organisation, and gets a nasty haircut too.

Unfortunately there's no PC demo to help prove that to you yet, but if you happen to have an Xbox 360, you can always play the demo version available there. Although I suppose if you had an Xbox 360 you'd probably just buy that version, which has been out since 20th October. In fact, you might even write off this paragraph entirely as a cynical attempt to pad out an otherwise rather brief news story on a Friday morning.

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