Exclusive 360 GTA IV episodes

Due out after Oct 2007 release.

Although some got a bit overexcited during E3 when Grand Theft Auto IV appeared on Peter Moore's bicep (and Xbox 360), this time there really is a Rockstar exclusive to talk about.

At X06 this evening, as you've doubtless already gawped, the platform holder revealed that it had asked Rockstar to "throw us a bone" - and said bone will take the form of two 360-exclusive extra episodes, offering "hours" of extra gameplay.

These will be released in the aftermath of GTA IV's main release, which is set to take place in October 2007 on both 360 and PlayStation 3.

Although details of the episodes content remains under wraps - like everything about GTA IV in fact - the news will go some way to swaying punters toward the game on Microsoft's format, and will be considered an enormous coup for the company.

Providing Sony doesn't come out tomorrow and says it has its own exclusive post-release episodes, obviously.

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