Banjo-Kazooie returns

360 instalment unveiled.

With so much coming out of X06 this evening we thought you might breathe easier with a few separate stories to comment on, so here's one: Banjo-Kazooie is set to return.

A new instalment in the previously N64-based series will "breathe new, high-definition life on Xbox 360" - thanks to Rare of course - Microsoft announced tonight

It promises "astonishing next-generation visuals and presentation" that reunites Banjo, Kazooie, Gruntilda and others.

Apart form a couple of Game Boy Advance outings since the millennium, Banjo's been largely quiet since the original Kazooie and sequel Banjo-Tooie on N64 prior to Microsoft's purchase of the studio.

Not that we mind - both were among our favourite N64 titles, and some of the best work Rare did before, you know, the thing.

Expect more soon.

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