Doom movie trailer released

Plus, the stars speak out.

A new trailer for the forthcoming Doom movie is now available to view on US website IGN.

You can also watch a Comic-Con panel discussion with the stars and producers, and find out what The Rock's nickname really means.

The Doom movie begins with Sarge (The Rock) leading his team to a Martian research facility where scientists have just identified the remaining 10 per cent of the human genome, with results that aren't really that hilarious. When it all kicks off and corpses start turning up left right and centre, it's down to John Grimm (Karl Urban) to save the day.

The creature effects are by industry veteran Stan Winston - the same man behind the monsters in classic sci-fi films Alien and Predator - and the movie is directed by Andrzej Bartowiak (Cradle 2 the Grave, Romeo Must Die).

The Doom movie is out in the US on October 21, and you can expect a European release soon after.

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