Konami's Elebits for Revolution

Sounds like Pikmin.

Konami's working on a Revolution game called Elebits. [Outrageous. - Ellie]

Announced in the latest Famitsu (translated by IGN), Elebits is about finding and collecting creatures called, you guessed it, Elebits, which provide energy for the planet they're on.

It all sounds a bit like Pikmin really, and has been designed to make players feel like they're touching inside the screen, apparently, locating objects by manipulating the environment.

It's also partly about establishing the Elebits, which Konami sees as a handy new brand. To this end, Shingo Mukaitouge of Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania fame is overseeing the project.

Famitsu also says the game may take advantage of Nintendo's online service, although single-player's the focus for now.

Expect to hear more about Elebits at E3.

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