Super Princess Peach details

Get in touch with your emotions.

Today's the day that highly anticipated DS title Super Princess Peach gets a release in the States, and so Nintendo has released details of what we've got to look forward to when the game hits Europe in a few months time.

Super Princess Peach features eight worlds to explore as our heroine embarks on a mission with a twist - this time it's her job to rescue Mario. He and Luigi have been kidnapped by Bowser, who's holed up in his castle on Vibe Island with something called a Vibe Scepter.

Peach is able to "channel emotional vibes" to give herself special powers, of which there are four. Joy sees her whirling around like a cyclone, so she can create air currents, blow away enemies and float through the air, while Rage sets her on fire - handy for burning bridges and baddies alike. Not so good for her hair care, mind.

When overcome by Gloom, Peach produces tears which can make plants and flowers grow. Gloom also gives her a turbo boost and invincibility for a limited time. Calm also makes Peach invincible, and slowly improves her health.

You build up Peach's vibe powers by collecting gems or absorbing enemies with her parasol, Perry, who also comes in handy for floating across bodies of water. Naturally, Peach can run, jump and slide her way around levels, too.

To see Super Princess Peach in action, check out the US TV ad over at The game is out here on May 26th. Expect a full import review here on Eurogamer next week.

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