Ghost Recon 2 expansion

More details of Xbox add-on.

Ubisoft has revealed more details of Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike, the forthcoming Xbox-only expansion pack.

It's set in Kazakhstan, where the Ghosts are working with UN forces to track down a Pakistani warlord who's assassinated the president and is now trying to take over the country. Only you and a combination of quick thinking, strategic planning and excessive shooting sprees can save the day.

We're promised eleven single-player missions with multiple objectives that can be achieved in the order of your choice, with plenty of options to try out different strategies. There are 15 new weapons, including the SCAR (SOF Combat Assualt Rifle).

The expansion pack also features 24 multiplayer maps set across both urban and rural landscapes, plus 24 multiplayer game modes such as squad and co-op. New multiplayer modes include Heli Hunt, where you must take out waves of enemy helicopters as they attempt to track your progress. Then there's Armour Strike, a race against time to destroy your opponent's armoured vehicles.

Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike is out in August, priced 19.99. It should keep you going until Ghost Recon 3 turns up for PC and consoles this winter, to be followed by an Xbox 360 version.

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