360 cut off from PS Universe

Phantasy Star PC/PS2 won't talk to the 360 version.

Those of you looking forward to Phantasy Star Universe on Xbox 360 will have to encourage your friends to do the same - SEGA's confirmed that while people with the PS2 and PC versions will be able to play together, Xbox Live players will be closed off to them.

Following a report on fan-site PSO World, SEGA's since confirmed to Eurogamer that the team decided to keep Xbox 360 players separate - although we haven't been told why.

Phantasy Star Universe for 360, announced last week, is due out at the same time as the PS2 and PC versions this autumn. It's a big old single-player adventure as well as a multiplayer one where squads of up to six can make their way through a world where hundreds of players mingle.

We should see more of PSU at E3 next month.

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