Lost Planet demo due on Live

Capcom confirms.

Capcom's planning to whack a demo of Lost Planet on Xbox Live during E3 week, the publisher's confirmed this morning.

The game's not actually due out until the winter, but apparently that's not going to stop Capcom letting you play it in advance - a recent trailer suggested a demo will be made available on May 9th, and now Capcom Eurosoft's been in touch to confirm it.

There's no word on what the demo will contain, but it's possible it'll be similar - if not the same - as the E3 demo we had a chance to check out recently.

That featured a snowbound bug-hunt introducing the game's gigantic enemies, Halo-style weapons system and giant mechs, as well as the core "Thermal Energy" idea that underpins the health system.

The other E3 demo level was a bit more brutal, tasking you with mounting a one-man assault on an entrenched hillside base swarming with icy pirate-men, mechs and plenty more.

When we hear more about the demo, we'll let you know.

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