Playlogic talks Infernal

Renamed next-gen shooter.

Playlogic and Metropolis Software have renamed PC and X360 shooter Diabolique - it's going to be called Infernal, and it's due out this autumn.

Infernal's a third-person action-adventure starring a chap called Ryan Lennox, a hero with devilish powers and "hot-headed manners" who never forgets "his coolness", apparently. Sounds like it's lost something in translation.

Anyway, the story refers to the conflict between good and evil conducted by supernatural intelligence agencies. The engine uses the Ageia PhysX engine for a high level of destructibility, as well as advanced pixel shader techniques, normal mapping and all sorts of other technobabble that promises to make it look like this.

With the game due out in the autumn - Q4 2006, anyway - Playlogic will be showing it off in the West Hall of E3, "right next to the Sony booth" apparently, so basically go up to the big queue and turn left.

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