Darwinia multiplayer on the way

Introversion talks future plans.

With just a few weeks to go until cult PC strategy title Darwinia is released for digital download via Steam, developer Introversion has announced that a multiplayer version is on the way.

In an interview with Steam Review, Introversion's Tom Arundel said: "We have design docs for a multiplayer version of Darwinia - we’re currently scheduling the work / release.

"Certainly, the multiplayer features of the Steam system take the pain away from matching up players to multiplayer servers, so that’s something we’d like to make more use of in the future."

And not just for Darwinia, either: "We also have a new multiplayer game coming out in Spring that we’ll be talking more about in the new year," Arundel revealed.

There's good news for our friends across the continent, too: "Since we now have the distribution, localised versions [of Darwinia] will also be developed, starting with German for release, and French in the new year."

The English version of Darwinia will be available for download via Steam from December 14, priced $19.95. Or you can just buy it from Introversion's website right now.

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