Ubi signs Star Trek games

Bethesda's lot due out in Dec.

Ubisoft has extended its cosy little publishing love-in with Oblivion makers Bethesda to cover the latter's forthcoming Star Trek games for PC, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP and DS, with games for each due out here this December.

So that's Star Trek: Legacy, which features voice work from all five Star Trek TV captains and is due out on Xbox 360 and PC, Star Trek: Encounters for PS2, and Star Trek: Tactical Assault for DS and PSP.

Interestingly, the latter will be up against another Ubi-published sci-fi title, also for DS and PSP: Star Wars Lethal Alliance. Fight! Fight! Fight!

As you may know, Star Trek: Legacy is due out on 21st November in the US, although Ubi hasn't specified a particular time in December for its arrival here, while Encounters is out now in the US and Tactical Assault will hit DS this week and PSP on 14th November across the pond.

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