Two versions of Ghost Recon 2 to be released

Xbox and PC versions will be set five years after PS2 and Cube. Ubisoft also confirms release date for the Tom Clancy sequel.

In a move that blurs the very definition of what constitutes a sequel, Ghost Recon 2 will be released as two distinctly different games, with parallel development teams working on their own vision of the game.

Apparently it's a move designed to make the most of each platform's strengths, which sees Shanghai Studio working on the PS2 and GameCube versions, while Red Storm's North Carolina studio is producing the Xbox and PC incarnations.

But what makes the project somewhat unique is that the visually more striking Xbox and PC versions will be set five years after the PS2/Cube versions, yet feature broadly the same mechanics and squad members.

A confirmed November 25th release date for the PS2 and Xbox versions was announced at a London press event yesterday. A release schedule issued by Ubisoft today lists the other versions as 'November', but speaking to members of the development team yesterday, they confirmed that the Cube version will appear later than the others, although when asked about the PC version, we were given a strict "no comment".

Check back later this week for full hands-on impressions of the Xbox version, as well as our thoughts on the PS2 version, which we were also shown at the event. Details on the multiplayer facets of the game, as well as new weapons, will follow in the middle of next month.

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