Black & White 2 next-gen?

Or Fable? Or what?

Lionhead is considering a next-generation console version of PC God-game/real-time strategy hybrid Black & White 2, designer and co-founder Peter Molyneux has revealed, and is already working on "other games" using PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 development kits.

Speaking at a recent EA event, Molyneux said that a next-gen B&W2 has been considered. "Technically... it would be easy to do," he said, nodding. "The machines [Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3] have the power to do Black & White 2. The only problem is the control.

"We'd have to go right back to the drawing board, as we've not got a mouse. What we did with the mouse is say, 'we've got 2 buttons, a middle wheel and that's it' - we havenít got a keyboard (in theory, although we have shortcuts). If you're going to do it on the next generation machines, we have to take a new look. It's the freedom of picking stuff up with a mouse, and you have to change it. We're thinking about it though."

Apparently Lionhead had been considering B&W2 next-gen for "a month... not very long," but the team does have development kits for "other games." It's easy to speculate that a next-generation successor to Xbox RPG Fable might be among them, given that game's popularity, but Lionhead's other projects like The Movies might also apply.

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