Avary to write/direct Driver?

Fresh from Silent Hill.

Variety reckons that Roger Avary is to write and direct a film based on Driver.

Avary's certainly capable. Most recently of course he wrote a script for the Silent Hill film - currently showing in the UK - which the film critics are panning but which Rob says is really good. (And we all believe Rob, yes?)

But whether you like SH or not, he's done plenty of other things - including co-writing Pulp Fiction, which was full of the sort of dialogue that would make a Driver film rocket past.

If Variety's right, Driver will eventually be distributed by Rogue Pictures.

The most recent Driver game, Parallel Lines, marked something of a return to form for the series - but mainly in the sense that it didn't make us want to shove hand grenades in our eyes the way Driv3r did.

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