Europe loses Contact

Until February, that is.

Rising Star has confirmed that Nintendo DS RPG Contact won't be with us in Europe until February.

Unlike other RPGs, Contact has you playing as yourself, guiding a young chap called Terry based on input from the Professor, who has contacted you using the DS. You point Terry toward enemies and objectives, and manage him rather than directly controlling him.

Rising Star COO Martin Defries reckons it'll be worth waiting for. "Contact is an amazing title for the DS and we're hopeful that the extra stock we'll have available will address the demand for such a unique game," he said, responding to the delay. "My advice to gamers? Save your money and make contact with Contact just after Christmas." Ulp.

Or, if you can't be bothered to wait, you could always import it from the US where it's available now. We should have a review soon.

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