GameCube titles dated

Mario Baseball, Battalion Wars.

Nintendo has confirmed that new GameCube titles Mario Baseball and Battalion Wars will be in the shops by Christmas.

Mario Baseball is first up on November 11. The game features more than 30 characters from previous Mario titles, including Wario Ware, Donkey Konga and Bowser Jr. There are several game types to choose from including Exhibition mode, Challenge mode, Mini-game mode and Toy Field mode for up to four players.

Battalion Wars will follow on December 9. It's set in the 21st century where a minor border dispute between the Western Frontier and the Tundran territories has escalated into an all-out war. And to make matters worse, friendly neighbourhood despot Kaiser Vlad is now after invading - forcing the two armies to team up against him.

You can read more about Battalion Wars in our preview. And why not take a look at some Mario Baseball screenshots, too?

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